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Average Settlement Value Of Home Depot Injury Cases

Average Settlement Value Of Home Depot Injury Cases lawyer sue compensation incident liability

Home Depot is undoubtedly one of the top brands for a big box store, home improvement store, or hardware store. These massive sales centers number over 2,300 in the country and more than 230 in California. And each is typically over 100,000 square feet, while some, such as the location in Anaheim, come in at over 200,000 square feet.

Shoppers often appreciate that this store is a one-stop shopping hub for home and garden items, hardware, or other repair needs. But they fail to understand that the size of these vast stores also adds to the potential for a severe injury accident. Having a staff large enough to inspect every square foot of the store as well as the massive parking lot and exterior property, is cost prohibitive and will not happen. So there are often items left lying on the floor, spilled liquids, and merchandise leaking from a damaged package, creating severe safety concerns that are likely to lead to a customer suffering a slip and fall or some other catastrophic injury. So shoppers must be aware of the common hazards and how to avoid them to ensure their safety when shopping in a Home Depot location in California.

In addition, if you have recently suffered an injury while shopping in a Home Depot, the staff at DTLA Law Group is here to help with 24/7 phone service to answer your immediate legal questions and concerns. We are also happy to provide a free consultation with a Home Depot personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and the potential value of your Home Depot injury settlement. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today to request your free consultation and have a better understanding of the average settlement value of Home Depot injury cases.

Average Settlement Value Of Home Depot Injury Cases incident liability lawsuit attorney
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How Do I Know If I Can Sue Home Depot For My Injuries?

Just because you were injured in a Home Depot store does not give you the right to sue the company. Instead, your DTLA Law Group home depot injury lawyer will need to explore the details of the incident to determine what caused your injury incident. Specifically, they will evaluate the level of care and safety provided by Home Depot to decide if they were meeting their duty of care to provide a safe shopping environment for customers.

The guidelines for duty of care are relatively simple to understand as they are explained as the same steps the average prudent person would take to ensure safety in their home. So if you mop up spilled water from the floor or remove litter to avoid a slip and fall or trip and fall incident, then the staff at Home Depot should act in the same manner.

If the Home Depot staff is not delivering the minimum care required under duty of care and premises liability law, they can be found negligent. And if that negligence is the cause of your injury accident, you could have grounds for a Home Depot accident injury lawsuit. The expert lawyers at DTLA Law Group have decades of combined experience evaluating injury cases at Home Depot stores to determine if the staff failed to meet their duty of care and secure a full and fair settlement for the injury victims. Please get in touch with the office immediately to request your free consultation to determine if you have grounds for a Home Depot personal injury lawsuit to secure the settlement you deserve for the injuries, losses, and expenses you suffered.

Understanding The Potential Settlement Value Of Home Depot Injury Cases

Many clients come to DTLA Law Group with significant concerns about costly medical bills, lost wages, and other financial hardships from their Home Depot injuries. They are worried about how to pay for the medical care needed to recover from severe injuries and how to pay their living expenses when they cannot work. So our staff focuses on explaining the typical process for determining the value of a Home Depot injury claim and the average value of lawsuits filed against Home Depot for personal injuries.

First, it is vital to understand that each lawsuit or injury claim value is different. The amount is based on the losses and expenses of the victim and a few other factors specific to the injuries suffered in the incident and the recovery potential. So you will work closely with the experts at DTLA Law Group to evaluate your expenses due to the injuries you suffered, any losses you incurred, and your expectation of making a full or partial recovery from your injuries. Some of the most common expenses and losses to be included in your claim value are:

  • All medical expenses related to the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the injuries sustained at Home Depot, mental and emotional treatment are also included in this coverage for medical expenses – this includes current medical bills and any future care required by the injuries you suffered
  • The amount of your lost wages if the injuries prevented you from working and earning a living while you were healing from your injuries
  • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the injury incident at Home Depot
  • Your legal fees for representation by the experts at DTLA Law Group to prepare and handle your Home Depot personal injury lawsuit

In cases with severe injuries that require added recovery time, it is common to include a dollar amount for pain and suffering due to the injuries you sustained at Home Depot. In addition, added funds are possible when you are left with long-term or permanent disabilities or a loss of quality of life due to the injuries suffered at Home Depot. The expert lawyers at DTLA Law Group have extensive expertise in handling cases that involve partial or permanent disability or limitations that will impact the rest of the victim’s life. Our goal is always to secure the most robust settlement possible for our clients to help them overcome the challenges created by their Home Depot injuries.

The Average Settlement Value Of Home Depot Injury Cases

It is crucial to understand that the severity of your injuries and expenses created by your Home Depot injury incident will significantly impact the settlement value. A victim who suffers only minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, could receive a settlement of only a few thousand dollars because they had minimal expenses. However, when the injuries and losses are more severe, that dollar amount can increase to the range of several hundred thousand dollars to $1,000,000 or more. Your DTLA Law Group legal team will be able to better estimate the value of your Home Depot settlement after hearing the details of the incident and the results of your medical evaluations.

Average Settlement Value Of Home Depot Injury Cases incident liability lawsuit attorney sue
Common Home Depot Personal Injuries Suffered By Customers

Unfortunately, many types of injuries are suffered by the shoppers at Home Depot due to the size and nature of the store. Some of the most common include:

  • Slip and fall injury accidents due to wet floors, liquids leaking onto the floor, or saturated floor mats at the store entrance. These are the most common incidents that cause customer injuries and can result in severe damage. Slip and fall accidents that cause serious injuries can settle for as much as $150,000 to over $2,000,000.
  • Trip and fall injury accidents are also somewhat common in Home Depot stores due to issues with the parking lot or sidewalk surfaces, interior floor quality, and obstacles that can be found in or near walkways in the stores. Severe trip and fall injuries can be life-altering for the victim and result in settlements that range from a few hundred thousand dollars to $2,000,000 or more.
  • Falling objects in a Home Depot store can result in significant injuries such as a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. These very serious injuries often alter the rest of the victim’s life and can create a need for constant medical care and companionship for the rest of the victim’s life. These settlements often reach a value of several million dollars to provide the long-term care the victim requires.
  • Assault and battery could be the result of an altercation with an employee or another shopper. However, the liability for the event could fall to Home Depot in either case. These incidents often result in significant injuries and carry a hefty settlement amount ranging from a few hundred thousand to multiple million dollar amounts.
  • Vehicle incidents can occur in the parking lot or inside the store involving employees and a forklift or other piece of equipment. The result of a vehicle accident can be head trauma, neck, back, or spinal cord damage, or multiple broken bones. These settlements typically range from around $500,000 to well over $1,000,000 based on the long-term implications and limitations created by the damage.
When You Need The Best Home Depot Personal Injury Lawyer

The staff at DTLA Law Group is dedicated to protecting the rights of personal injury victims. We know that facing the legal team from Home Depot can be very intimidating for a personal injury victim. However, our team of lawyers is ready to do whatever it takes to defend your rights and secure the settlement you deserve for the injuries you suffered at Home Depot. Please contact DTLA Law Group today to learn more about our services and the cases we have completed for other victims of Home Depot injuries.

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