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Veterans Injuries at Hotels

Veterans Injuries at Hotels personal injury incident accident sue liability lawyer attorney

Why Do People Receive an Amputation?

Amputations are the removal of all or part of a person’s limb after an accident, disease or loss of tissue vital to the limb. In general, many veterans have had amputations because of an accident or incident that they received while serving our country. They may had had to have an arm, leg or hand amputated while serving in a war, during overseas duties, or with an incident or accident on foreign soil during their military career.

Many times, a person can be fitted with a prosthesis such as an artificial joint, hand, or leg. This mechanical limb will work to allow the person who has an amputation to regain some of the former mobility he or she once had before the amputation. Having an amputation makes the person more susceptible to injuries at hotels, if the hotel is not designed or modified properly to accommodate a veteran with an amputation.

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Americans with Disabilities Act Protocols and Compliance

Veterans with disabilities are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means that the Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities (Title III) prohibits any discrimination of an individual on the basis of not providing public accommodations. These areas include:

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Recreation facilities
  • Movie theaters
  • Restaurants

In the case of hotels, it is particularly important that veterans have the modifications and accommodations that they need to be safe in a hotel environment.

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Hotels Need ADA Accommodations for Disabled Guests

The hospitality industry needs to be responsive to anyone with a disability such as an amputation. If a guest at a hotel has a disability, then the hotel needs to be more aware of mobility issues for the guests. The rooms, bathrooms, floor plans, hallways and common areas of the hotel need to be designed to allow access for a wheelchair, or someone with a disability.

There are different mobility issues that a person with a disability can have to manage in a public space. These issues include:

  • Mobility using a power wheelchair or scooter
  • Mobility with a manual wheelchair
  • Mobility with a cane or walker
  • Mobility covering limited walking distances
  • Being blind or vision impaired
  • Being deaf or hearing impaired
  • Being achondroplasia (little people/dwarfism)

In the case that you are injured in a hotel and are a veteran, you need to give us a call right now. We can discuss your case with you, and help you with the next steps to initiate a lawsuit on the merits of your claim.

Hotel Bathroom Accommodations for Amputees and Disabled Guests

Hotels need to be mindful of the needs of disabled veterans and disabled guests. The hotels will need to make changes, modifications and accommodations in all areas of the hotel, including to add and modify:

  • Handheld showers
  • Roll in shower entry with no raised edges
  • Lowered vanity heights
  • Lever action on water taps
  • Lights, television and telephone accessibility by lying in a bed
  • Adjustable magnifying mirrors
  • Clear extra space around the toilets
  • Toilet seat height from the floor modification
  • Underside clearance from tables and kitchen benches
  • Non audible door bell, alarm and telephone
  • Access to telephone typewriter (TTY)
  • Closed captioning and teletext on television
  • Braille on guest information
  • In-room telephone with visual light alert, speaker and volume controls
  • Emergency phone in elevators
  • Alarm systems in rooms for distress of guest
  • Illuminated wall switches
  • Grab rails in the bathroom and toilet
  • Pull down bench in the shower
  • Non-slip bathroom floor
  • Call and emergency button in the bathroom
  • Easily operated D-handles for doors
  • Well-lit public areas around the facility
  • Firm mattress
  • Low pile carpet
  • Easy push floor surface
  • Extra linen
  • Assistance getting luggage to room
  • Orientation to room by staff
  • Emergency evacuation orientation
  • Professional support and training for ADA guests at the facility
  • Handrails throughout the facility
  • Clear signage for accessible areas
  • Reachable in-room coffee and tea making facilities
  • Continuous accessible path of travel to public areas
  • Outward swinging bathroom door
  • Rooms on lower floors
  • Intercom at accessible height

Prevention of Shower Injuries of Amputees

Veterans who are amputees may have special needs at a hotel. The managers at a hotel are responsible for ensuring that there are the necessary special accommodations for persons with an amputation. A hotel manager or owner needs to be careful to prevent the injuries and accidents for amputees using shower facilities.

When a person who has had an amputation needs to use a shower at a hotel, it is difficult for them to use the shower safely if accommodations are not made. In general, some of the precautions that can be made to help an amputee in the shower include:

  • Ensure that the hot water is low and not scalding (under 50°C)
  • Install slip and trip reduction flooring
  • Reduce sharp edges in the bathroom or shower areas
  • Install railings on the walls
  • Install hinge guards to keep doors safe
  • Install chocks, wedges or catches to allow slower self-closing springs on doors

If these accommodations are not made for veterans with amputations or disabilities, then their hotel stay may not be as safe as it could be. This means that they are at a higher risk of injury than an able-bodied guest. In the case that you are a veteran injured at a hotel, all that you have to do is to give us a call at the DTLA Law Group today. We will take your injuries seriously, and work with you to get you the recovery compensation that you require. Call today, we are ready to talk to you right now.

Veterans Injuries at Hotels personal injury incident accident liability lawyer attorney sue

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Can I Sue as a Veteran for Being Injured at a Hotel?

Yes, you can sue as a veteran for being injured at a hotel. We are able to represent you in this type of case, and we can talk to you about your claim when you give us a call. You can call us today to converse with our Los Angeles case lawyers, who are ready to review your case and file a lawsuit on the merits of your claim. Just call us at the DTLA Law Group, and talk to our case attorneys in Los Angeles. We are ready to work hard for you, to get you the recovery compensation that you deserve when you are a veteran injured at a hotel.

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