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Can A California Hotel Be Held Responsible For A Dog Bite?

Can A California Hotel Be Held responsible for a dog bite injury accident incident lawsuit lawyer

Vacationing with your dog on the beach in California or up in the mountains might sound like the perfect way to get away and recharge without feeling like you abandoned your best friend. And the hotel industry throughout the state is making it easier than ever to book pet-friendly accommodations. There are fenced dog-safe play areas and dog parks, water bowls strategically located for a quick drink for your pup, and even spa treatments for the dog who has everything but would like a massage.   

But what you might not be thinking about as you plan your vacation is that many new environments could put a lot of added stress on your pooch. And unfortunately, when dogs feel stressed, they tend to act more aggressively than you might expect. So it is vital that you understand that what you hoped would be relaxing for you and your dog could be challenging and even costly if your dog bites another guest at the hotel, motel, resort, or while in public areas during your vacation.

The first question another guest will ask if they are bit by your dog is if they can sue the hotel chain. And as soon as they learn that the hotel is not responsible for your dog’s actions and damage, they will be inquiring about how to sue the owner of the dog that bit them while on vacation at a hotel in California. So you will want to understand your rights and responsibilities as a dog owner and the rights of any dog bite victim in California.

California Strict Liability

California is classified as a strict liability state when discussing dog bites. What that means for dog owners is that they are responsible for any damage caused by their dog in a public space and, in most cases, on private property. We all understand that a dog needs to be on a leash and under control when out in public, like walking in the park or on a city street.

And when it comes to private property, the dog owner is still almost always financially responsible for the damage caused by their dog. The only time a dog owner is not liable for dog bite injuries is if the victim of the bite is on private property without the approval or consent of the property owner. So if a person breaks into your hotel room or house, you are not responsible for the damage your dog causes when biting the intruder. However, if your dog bites someone who walks too close to the lounge chair you share by the hotel swimming pool, you will be liable for the person’s injuries.

Can A California Hotel Be Held Responsible For A Dog Bite sue lawsuit lawyer attorney
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What Pet-Friendly Hotel Guests Should Know

If you are bit by another guest’s dog, there are a few things you need to do to protect your health, legal rights, and financial future. First, get the contact information of the dog owner. And if the wound is not life-threatening, try to obtain contact information for any witnesses to the dog bite incident. Next, seek medical attention to have the bite examined and treated. The biggest concern with most dog bites is an infection.

The germs and bacteria in a dog’s mouth are likely to cause a life-threatening infection unless to have the wound cleaned and start taking antibiotics. Even if the dog has all its shots and is healthy, there is still the potential for:

  • Strep and Staph Infections
  • Cellulitis
  • Rabies

So take the time to see a medical professional to ensure your long-term health and safety after any dog bite.

Next, contact the hotel to inform them of the dog bite incident. This is just a courtesy so that they know about the incident and the potential for other issues with the dog that bit you. Finally, contact DTLA Law Group to discuss the details of your dog bite injury and how you can move forward to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and any losses from the dog bite.

Your Free Dog Bite Consultation

The dog bite injury lawyers at DTLA Law Group offer a free consultation to answer any questions you might have related to a dog bite lawsuit and how to make sure you are not strapped with medical bills due to a bite from an uncontrolled dog during your stay at a California hotel. In addition, our staff is available 24/7 to ensure you get the answers you need quickly so that you do not jeopardize your ability to file a claim against the dog owner in the coming weeks or months.

Understanding The Statute Of Limitations

As the victim of a dog bite personal injury in California, you have two years from the date of the incident to file a claim in court against the dog owner. However, it is crucial to seek legal guidance to ensure that you do not inadvertently do anything that could cause you to surrender that right. For example, making an agreement with the dog owner for them to pay your medical bills or taking any money from them to compensate you for the dog bite could complicate this legal matter. The staff at DTLA Law Group will help you understand how to protect yourself and your rights to ensure that all your losses and expenses related to your dog bite injuries are entirely compensated.

While you have two years to file your case with the court system, it is unnecessary to wait that long to begin the process. Instead, the wise choice is to seek legal counsel quickly and follow the guidance of the DTLA Law Group team. The sooner we gather information for your case and file it with the court system, the sooner you can expect compensation for your losses and move on from this upsetting event.

Can A California Hotel Be Held responsible for a dog bite injury accident incident lawsuit lawyer sue lawsuit
How Long Does A Dog Bite Lawsuit Take?

Sadly, there is no way to define the time required to settle any lawsuit. So if you wait a long time to pursue the case, it could be many months before you get your compensation. In some cases, that is not a hardship. However, in others, when the dog bite injuries were severe, the added wait for the settlement means added financial challenges and burdens. Your DTLA Law Group legal team will help you understand the process of filing a lawsuit and a rough time estimate. In addition, the team will work diligently to move the case forward as quickly as possible to get you the money you deserve to pay your medical bills and move past this traumatic event.

How Much is A Dog Bite Case Worth?

Knowing that your medical bills to treat a severe dog bite can be very costly, it is easy to understand why you want to know what your dog bite lawsuit will be worth. However, there is no way to provide an accurate dollar amount until the DTLA Law Group legal team examines your losses and expenses. Some of the items that will be considered for compensation include:

  • Any lost wages if you were unable to work during your recovery
  • The time you missed work to attend medical appointments
  • The cost of your current medical bills and any estimated future treatment or care for the dog bite injuries
  • The cost of your legal team for the lawsuit
  • A dollar amount to compensate for your pain and suffering

The DTLA Law Group has years of expertise in compiling this information, and we will do all we can to ensure that all your losses and expenses are fully compensated.

We Don’t Get Paid Until You Are Paid

At DTLA Law Group, we see how legal fees and other expenses add to the stress and hardship of personal injury victims. We pledge to put our clients’ needs first. So we never ask for any payments until we have gotten you paid for your losses and expenses. And because your compensation included the estimated amount for your legal fees, there is never any reason for you to worry about how you will get the money to pay for our work. The defendant is paying for it via your settlement or the verdict awarded to you.

In addition, you owe us nothing if we fail at our job to get you a settlement or verdict. We pledge to work for free until we succeed and get you paid. So if we fail, we did not earn our payment. We believe in the law and the ability of our legal team. So we are happy to assume all the financial risk of preparing your case.

Please get in touch with the DTLA Law Group office today to learn more about your rights as a dog bite injury victim. We are here to help and offer the expert guidance you need to overcome this life challenge without being deep in debt or overwhelmed by stress. Someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, and the DTLA Law Group team is here to see that justice is served and you are compensated fully and fairly.

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