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Spinal Cord Stimulator After an Auto Accident

Spinal Cord Stimulator After an Auto Accident lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation incident liability
What Is a Spinal Cord Stimulator?

Spinal cord stimulators help around 34,000 people globally to reduce spinal neuropathic pain that they can’t get any relief from any other way. Generally, people who have been in a car accident can be hit from any angle, and receive a spinal injury or damage to the spinal column. A spinal cord stimulator or SCS can be implanted into a person with a spinal injury, which gives a mild electrical stimulation to the person’s nerves along the spine. This stimulation of the nerves does help tremendously in most people, to provide a modified nerve activity to alleviate the pain sensation of the individual to reach the person’s brain. Therefore, the spinal cord stimulator does help after a spinal injury, to block out the massive pain felt by these accident victims with a spinal column break or injury that is a permanent disability.

Why Does a Person Need a Spinal Cord Stimulator After a Car Accident?

The spinal cord stimulator helps relieve the constant pain, after a car accident that affects the spinal column. Spinal cord stimulators have been around since the 1980s, and there have been many beneficial advancements since that time. Now, a spinal cord stimulator can be custom made to meet the needs of a person who has a spinal injury. This means that the spinal cord stimulator will use highly technical parameters to reduce specific pain areas for a person with a major chronic and permanent spinal injury. A spinal cord stimulator can also be used for:

  • Neuropathic back pain
  • Ischemic pain
  • Chronic visceral pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Pain after pelvic surgery
  • Pain after abdominal surgery
  • Chronic critical limb ischemia
  • Refractory angina
  • Treatment-resistant vasculitis disorders
  • Inflammation of blood vessels
  • Back surgery pain

If you have had a serious car accident and need a spinal cord stimulator to manage the pain of a spinal injury, you can call us at the DTLA Law Group right now. We understand that you may still be under a doctor’s care, and that you may even need more surgical procedures or therapies related to getting better and restoring motion to maintain a normal daily life. As you are healing, you can still give us a call at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879. We are here for you, and you can allow us to help you regarding initiating a lawsuit on the merits of your claim against the at-fault parties to your personal injuries and losses related to your car accident.

Spinal Cord Stimulator After an Auto Accident incident lawyer sue compensation liability
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What Can I Do If I Have Major Pain and Problems with My Spinal Cord Stimulator Once It Is Put In?

You may need to have the spinal cord stimulator removed, if it is now working as it was designed to once implanted. Your spine and back area can be severely injured after a car accident. The implantation of a spinal cord stimulator will be put in to help you manage the pain of a car accident that damages your spine. If the spinal cord stimulator stops working or is damaged and defective in any way, you may need to have additional surgical procedures performed afterwards, to find a way for the spinal cord stimulator to do its job to reduce the pain in your back and spine area. In this case, you will need and want a lawyer with experience in severe personal injuries, and we can help you when you call us at the DTLA Law Group.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee, when you call us at the DTLA Law Group right now. We know how to deal with the big insurance companies and your claims, and you need not feel as if you are walking deep in the mud on this one. We are here by your side every step of the way, and we will get you the recovery compensation that you need in a case of a serious accident with a spinal cord injury resulting from that car crash.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in Personal Injury Claims Related to a Spinal Cord Stimulator After an Auto Accident

We offer a free second opinion case review, with our experienced lawyers in personal injury claims related to a spinal cord stimulator implantation after an auto accident. Our attorneys who specialize in personal injury claims are here to talk to you about your case. You can get the access you need to a lawyer with a specialty in spinal cord stimulator claims. Just call us now to talk to an attorney in Los Angeles at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879.

Can I Sue for Receiving a Spinal Cord Stimulator After an Auto Accident?

Yes, we can sue the at-fault parties, if you are in an auto accident and have suffered injuries that require you to have to have an implant of a spinal cord stimulator. You can talk about your claim with our Los Angeles case lawyers, when you give us a call at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879. Our legal team is here for you after personal injuries from a car accident. We can file a lawsuit on your behalf, and our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue the at-fault parties when you are suffering from personal injuries after an auto accident.

Average Case Value of a Spinal Cord Stimulator After an Auto Accident

The average case value of a spinal cord stimulator after an auto accident is $450,000 to $5 million, depending on the circumstances of having to have an implant of the device after a car accident. Your claim may be within this range, or slightly out of the stated average range, because of your special circumstances, or for adding in any expenses, damages and other losses related to the claim.

Spinal Cord Stimulator After an Auto Accident lawsuit incident lawyer sue compensation liability liable
How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

Unless we are able to discuss your case with you, we are only guesstimating as to the final settlement of your claim. You can expect that it may take around 5-7 months to settle out your case, because of the seriousness of your spinal cord injury in this instance. You may also need additional surgical procedures, especially if your spinal cord stimulator fails, is defective or stops working to alleviate the pain that many people have after a spinal cord injury.

Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years.

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