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Nerve Damage After a Car Accident: Personal Injury Lawsuit Guide

Nerve Damage After a Car Accident: Personal Injury Lawsuit Guide

Nerve damage is one of the most common injuries resulting from auto accident. Every year more than 30,000 individuals suffer from some type of nerve injury. Nerve damage and peripheral nerve damage can affect all parts of the body after a serious traffic collision. Some of the most common regions of the body that suffer from nerve damage after a serious accident include

  • Nerve Damage to the foot – Foot Drop
  • Nerve damage to the legs
  • Facial Nerve Damage – Bell Palsy
  • Nerve damage to the shoulders
  • Nerve damage to the arms and hands

Individuals who experience nerve damage and medical doctors who treat them after an accident are often not able to easily diagnose nerve damage. Nerve injuries often manifest themselves hours if not days after the initial accident. Nerves experience injuries when they are stretched or massive pressure is applied. In many cases nerve damage is temporary and will heal itself in a matter of weeks or months. In more severe case nerve damages is permanent resulting in lifelong medical complications and disabilities. What are some signs and symptoms of Nerve damage: There can be many different symptoms of nerve damage based on the type of nerve that was damaged the general health of the victim and the severity of the injuries. Some symptoms of Nerve damage are as follows:

  • Sings of Motor Nerve Damage: General weakness, muscle atrophy, paralysis, numbing of the limbs or fingers
  • Sings of Sensory Nerve Damage: Numbness, general pain, tingling and burning
  • Sings of Autonomic Nerve Damage: Incontinence, loss of bladder control, constipation, dry eyes and mouth, and general sexual dysfunction

The cost of medical care for nerve damage can run into the millions of dollars. If you have suffered nerve damage as a result of a car accident DO NOT settle your claim with insurance adjusters until you have sought legal consultation with a personal injury attorney. Legal Advice will allow you to weigh you options and determine the best course of action for you. Contact an Attorney for Nerve Damage Legal Compensation:  If you have suffered from nerve damage contact our nerve damage attorneys. We have the experience and knowledge to fight for your right to compensation including monetary recovery for (1) Medical expenses (2) Future medical costs (3) Loss of income and future reduction of income as a result of your injuries (4) Pain and Suffering including Post Traumatic Stress (5) Loss of Consortium. Our Attorneys are available to speak with 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. (855)385-2529. Time limit to file a claim: It is important to file a lawsuit quickly before a statutory limitation can reduce or eliminate your right to recovery. Generally the statute of limitations for a personal injury cause of action is two years from the date of injury. Further Information: Car Accident Legal Guide Value of a Nerve Damage Lawsuit


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