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Texting Driver Crashes into LA Metro Bus Injures Passengers

Texting Driver Crashes into LA Metro Bus Injures Passengers On Early Friday morning a distracted driver of a Honda Civic slammed into a Los Angeles Metro Bus injuring many on board.   The bus careened off the street, jumped the curb hit a tree and toppled a light post.  The accident took place in Downtown Los Angeles on Broadway and 2nd street. The female driver of the Honda Civic was distracted by text messaging while driving; according to witness testimony the driver missed and ran a red light and did not notice the large city bus crossing the intersection. Text Messaging Laws:  The Los Angeles Police Department may ensue criminal charges on the female driver for text messaging during operation of a motor vehicle.   Under California Criminal Statutes outlawing the use of hand held devices and texting during driving can be used by the LAPD against the suspect. Texting while driving is extremely dangerous: Distracted driving and in particular texting while driver is one of the most dangerous activities drivers can undertake. According to studies person who text message during driving are at EIGHT TIMES greater risk of being involved in auto accidents.  That is an 800% increase in the risk of accident in comparison to non text use driving.
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