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Big Rig Truck Jackknifing Accident Closes 134 – 210 freeway transition

Big Rig Truck Jackknifing Accident Closes 134 – 210 freeway transition The heavy rain and slick roads have caused a havoc on LA Roads and highways over the weekend. The rainfall as contributed to a heavy spike in trucking accidents as well.  In Pasadena California over the weekend a heavy duty truck carrying two trailers jackknifed on the highway interchange betwee the 134, 210 and 110 freeways. Based on the latest news reports and information passed on by the California Highway Patrol, the accident took place around 2:00 AM Monday Morning. According to Law Enforcement investigators the rain may be the chief cause of the accident as the driver “Lost control of the vehicle.” According to investigators the truck was carrying clothing.  Luckily the driver of the truck was not injured. The 134 to the 210 transition has been the scene of an increasing level of trucking accident over the past few years. The accident prompted the closure of the 134 east transition to the 210 west and the 210 westbound connector to the 210 west. According to the Los Angeles Times one transition lane opened on the 210 freeway.

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