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Big-Rig Truck Accident 405 Freeway – Tanker Fuel Spill 5-24-13

Big-Rig Truck Accident 405 Freeway – Tanker Fuel Spill 5-24-13 The accident shut down the 405 and snarled early morning rush hour traffic for northbound commuters. The accident involved a big-rig diesel fuel truck and a passenger sedan. According to investigators and news reports the force of the collision resulted in the spillage of some 400 gallons of diesel fuel from the tanker truck. The accident compounded the already existing congestion on the 405 caused y the closure of the Santa Monica On Ramp and the Wilshire Boulevard Onramp and Offramp due to Caltrans work. The secondary surface streets of West Los Angles bore the brunt of morning rush hour traffic spillage from the congested freeway. According the California Highway Patrol the accident happened at 5:40 a.m. yards south of Montana Avenue in West Los Angeles, California. Investigators have not yet established the cause of the accident. All lanes of the northbound freeway have been opened as off 9:30 AM. More Information: California Truck Accident Laws Steps to Take After a Trucking Accident Truck Accident Injury Information  

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