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Falls Due to Raised Floors – Injury from Buckled Floor

Falls Due to Raised Floors – Injury from Buckled Floor Raised floors are one of the leading causes of slip and fall accidents in the United States. There are numerous factors which may lead to raised flooring in buildings chief amongst them being improper upkeep and inspection of the property by its owners and managers. Flooring is normally damaged through the natural wear and tear of its use. However in many instances moister seeps flooring panels resulting in its bending and rise. Flooding from rain or leaking of pipes is the main cause of high moister however, even without actual flooding wood flooring and laminate floors may buckle. Property Owner Liability:  It is the duty of all property owners to provide most visitors a safe and hazard free environment devoid of all known and knowable dangers. In most instance this means that property owners have a duty to inspect for dangers and repair dangers before aces to the general public is provided. Therefore upon knowledge of the dangers associated with raised or buckling floors the maintenance crew of the building or a 3rd party hired by property owners must identify the extent of the problem, notify all individuals who may be in danger (ie establish warning signs), segregate the affected area from the rest of the property, and fix the problem. Compensation Available: In most instances victims of properly owner negligence are able to receive monetary compensation for various typed of damages including (1) Recoup for the cost of medical care (2) Lost wages and future loss of income (3) Pain and Suffering and (4) Mental anguish. Filing a Lawsuit  to recover for your injuries:  Fall accidents and premises liability claims fall within the legal expertise of personal injury lawyers. Such cases can be difficult endeavors requiring experience, and a close working relationship between a clients and their attorneys.

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