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Pitt Bulls Are the Leading Cause of Dog Attack in California

Pitt Bulls Are the Leading Cause of Dog Attack in California

Pitt Bulls are amongst the most viscous dog breeds with a propensity to bite other dogs, adult humans and particularly children and adolescents.  Establishing Pitt bull owners liability and property owners legal responsibility for your injuries require effective representation from trusted and experience animal attack lawyers.

Pit bulls are defined as dog’s with relatively strong shoulder muscles and can weigh anywhere between 40-80 pounds. However, what make these breed of dogs dangerous is their jaw muscles. Pit bulls have two inches of thick muscles surrounding their jaws. These muscles allow for pit bulls to exert an extremely painful and strong bite against their victims. Additionally, pit bulls, unlike other dogs do not attack with warning. They are known to attack without prior warning or barks and their bite can tear through both flesh and bone causing substantial damage. A pit bulls strong physical characteristic are what generally causes such severe injuries when they attack. If you have been injured contact our offices for a free evaluation of your file and if you currently have representation contact us for a second opinion.

Property Owner Liability

A common questions asked when a dog bite occurs is liability. Who is liable for the injuries suffered? Many complex issues arise with regards to these questions that require analysis of the facts. When a dog bite occurs a number of persons can be held liable, including the homeowner and the occupier of the property.  Often times the dog owner is not the property owner. In such cases there an issue arises regarding liability between the parties and who can be held responsible.

Property owners can be held liable when they have or had knowledge of the renter’s ownership of such animals. Actual knowledge is not limited to actually knowing, but also required the landlord to make a reasonable inspection of the property. If upon such an inspection it is found that the potential exist then the landlord has a duty to make the property safe. In the event that measures are not taken to make the property safe then the landlord can be found liable.

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Violent Animals and property owner liability

Animals considered to have vicious propensities can open the door to liability for the property owner. However the issue of proving liability can be difficult to prove. Property owners will often be held liable if certain criteria are satisfied. With regards to fatal dog attacks our offices can help with your recovery. Our team of doctors, specialist and experts can help determine the value of your case and pursue all avenues of liability to ensure maximum recovery for your loss.

Landlord liability can include liability at shopping centers and commercial locations. When a landlord allows an animal to enter upon the property and has the ability to remove it, then liability can be imposed. If you have been a victim of an attack at a shopping center, mall or other commercial property you may be allowed to recover from the landlord. However we will need evaluate multiple factors with regards to your case.

To speak with a Los Angeles Dog Bite injury lawyer, call (855) 339-8879.

Can I recover for my dog bite injuries injuries?

The simple answer is yes. You are entitled to recovery for your loss, but not all types of harm are recoverable. While case law allows for recovery when dealing with property, emotional and dog bite personal injury there is certain areas that are not recoverable.

You will be able to assert a claim for loss to cover medical bills and for the veterinary costs for treating your dog. Also, you will have a cause of action for recovery of your loss of income, emotional damage, nerve damage resulting from the attack and emotional distress. However, recovery for the loss of your pet is limited. Courts do not yet recognize or allow for recovery of your pet in the event that the attack is fatal.

How does a contingency fee agreement works:  NO RECOVERY NO FREE AGREEMENT

Our firm woks on a contingency fee agreement when dealing with dog bite cases. This simply means that our recovery is limited to your success. If we are able to recover for your loss then we take a percentage of the recovery. Our clients pay absolutely nothing unless we are able to recover for their injuries and loss.

How we Can Help When dealing with dog bite cases in Los Angeles and considering what you can recover when involved in a dog bite case, knowledgeable representation is needed. Having Downtown LA Law behind you, gives you access to the top doctors to provide treatment and the best injury attorneys to help with your case.

If you have been injured in a pit-bull attack we can help. Contact us today for a free case evaluation at 855-385-2529.

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