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Puncture Wounds from Dog Bites

Puncture Wounds from Dog Bites Dog bites are one of the most common causes of serious injuries to children. Puncture wounds result from a K9 fangs and or claws puncturing the skin of a victim. Many individuals mistakenly believe puncture wounds to be a minor to moderate injury, however in many instances deep puncture wounds can result in serious medical complications including,
  • Damage to the nerves of the face, hands, arms, and legs that were bitten
  • Rabies Tetanus and other infectious diseases
  • Blood Poisoning
  • Scarring and Disfigurement to the face of a victim
  • Permanent emotional distress

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Treatment for Puncture Wounds Caused by Dog Attacks:  If you have suffered any type of injury resulting form a dog attack contact emergency medical staff as soon as possible and seek medical attention. Generally there are several steps one can take following a dog bite puncture wound.
  1. Seek treatment right away
  2. Attempt to stop the bleeding by applying pressure
  3. Clean and cover  the wound
  4. Apply antibiotic
  5. If there are any signs of infection contact your doctor immediately
Compensation for your Injuries: The best way a victim can receive full and just monetary compensation for a personal injury claim is to be represented by a dedicated legal counsel. Financial compensation puncture wound injuries suffered in a dog attack will depend on several factors including (1) The extent of your injuries (2) whether you require long term medical treatment corrective surgery of scarring revision (3) The insurance policy of the property owner or liable party (4) the existence of non economic damages including pain and suffering and emotional distress including Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD). For further information regarding your dog bite injuries call (855)385-2529

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