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Injuries from Dog Bites & Cannine Attacks

Common Bodily and Emotional Dog Bite Injuries | Canine AttacksThere are many injuries which often result form a dog bite or a dog attack upon an unsuspecting individual. Dog bite injuries to children are often more sever and can lead to great bodily harm, long terms physical and emotional trauma and in many case unfortunately death. Below are some of the injuries which may result from a Canine Bite or Dog Attack. 1. Bodily Injuries: There are many types of bodily injuries which take place as a result of a dog bite.  One should note that injuries may manifest themselves hours or even days after the initial attack. As always if you have been bitten by a dog it is vital that you seek medical attention as soon as possible and contact your law enforcement and animal control centers.
  • Lacerations and Abrasions
  • Puncture injuries in which the Canine teeth puncture through the skin in to the soft tissue of the victim
  • Tissue loss and the tearing away of tissue
  • Crush injuries:  Crushing of the bones in your arms of legs from the impact of the bite
  • Brain Damage resulting from being pushed or thrown to the ground by the weight of the dog.
  • Fractured bones or dislocations from falling down from the attack
  • Sprain / strain injuries
  • Permanent Scaring of the Arms, Legs, or Face,
  • Amputation Injuries:  the ripping off of fingers and the subsequent loss of the use of the hands
  • Nerve Damage
  • Infections: Rabies, Hepatitis, Canine specific infections
Never wait to see if your wounds will heal: if you are attacked immediately seek medical attention where possible. Only after you have been sufficiently treated contact a Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer  who will seek recovery for your perusal bodily injuries resulting from the canine attack. 2. Emotion Injuries:  Pain and Suffering and emotional distress: Dog bite don’t only victimize the person physically but also emotionally.  Emotional pain and suffering that can result from a dog bite incident include If you are suffering from such distress, you are not alone, and many have in the past suffered emotional distress as a result of dog bite. You can get better if you seek medical help from professional that have expertise in healing the emotional trauma caused by a dog attack 3. Lost Wages: If you are unable to go to work as a result of the pain and suffering and the physical injuries cause by the dog bite incident then you are entitled to a recuperation of your lost wages during the time you were unable to work. Lost wages can accrue to large sums of monetary compensation for many dog bite victims since they are often unable to perform in their jobs. If you are unable to work or your work productivity has been greatly reduced because of the injured you have suffered be sure to advise you Personal Injury Dog Bite Lawyer to that effect.  This may well increase your recover substantially

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