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Los Angeles Dog Bite Laws

Los Angles Animal Attack Lawyers:  Dog Bite Laws and Statistics in Los Angeles LA County Dog Bite LawsLos Angeles is a large metropolitan region with a sprawling population of nearly 16 million inhabitants. Naturally, many of the inhabitants have dogs, but not everyone is equipped for dog ownership. Although the vast majority of dog owners abide by the rules and regulations of dog ownership, many choose not to follow them. As a result, a large number of dogs are mistreated or pose dangers to others. Some even display clear vicious tendencies towards other dogs and humans. Laws Protecting Individuals from Vicious Dogs:  Below are some the Laws and Ordinance put in place in Los Angeles County to protect you from a Dog Bite. Note more information is available on the LA County Animal Control Website:
  • Backyard Breeder: According to the laws of the City of Los Angeles, anyone who owns a dog that is to be used to breed a litter of puppies must obtain a breeding permit. This permit is valid for one year after it is issued, and it can be renewed annually. The total cost of the permit is $335 – $235 for the permit and $100 for the license. Each year, only one litter can be legally bred. All puppies from the litter must not be younger than 8 weeks before they are moved to another location permanently. All puppies must also be properly immunized. The parent dogs must be microchipped.
  • Excessive Barking Dogs: Dog owners must not permit their dogs to engage in excessive noise, which is defined as sounds that are “unreasonably annoying, disturbing, offensive, or which unreasonably interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property of one or more persons occupying property in the community or neighborhood.” This means that dogs that bark at all hours of the night, or dogs that routinely bark with no reason or provocation, can be targeted as grounds for a violation. Neighbors can file such noise complaints, and fines can be up to $1,000.
  • Dangerous Dogs:  Different rules and regulations determine the definitions of dangerous dogs. According to California’s Civil Code, if a dog has bitten a person on at least two separate occasions, the dog must be prevented from being a danger. The Food and Agriculture code, though, states that a dog is dangerous if it engages in unprovoked behavior and requires the victim to defend against bodily injury, bites a person causing less severe injuries than defined elsewhere, or has attacked or killed another domestic animal on another property. All of these behaviors must have been unprovoked and occurred within the last 3 years. Specifically, the language states: “Dogs that constitute a public menace may be impounded and removed from the custody of their owner. The Department may file a petition with the Municipal Court to determine the disposition of an animal considered to be dangerous. The owner of such an animal may be fined and forced to give up or dispose of his dog.”
  • Inhumane Treatment: It is illegal to mistreat animals in ways that are considered inhumane. Examples of this mistreatment include maiming, mutilating, torturing, wounding, killing, overdriving the animal, overloading the animal, tormenting, depriving the animal of food and drink, depriving the animal of shelter, beating, or using the animal for work when it cannot do so.
  • Leash Law: Dog owners must ensure that their dogs are not roaming about unattended in public or private places. When they are not in an enclosed area, like a backyard, they must be on leashes that are no longer than 6 feet long. Some leashes are retractable and allow the dogs to explore more than 20 feet. Additionally, dogs must be handled and leashed by competent individuals. It is illegal for a dog to be leashed by someone who cannot physically control it; for instance, if an elderly individual who has trouble walking has leashed his large, adolescent, untrained Rottweiler, but the dog gets away and causes a nuisance, he can be held responsible even if he were obeying all other ordinances.
  • Dog Licenses: All dogs must be properly licensed and registered after the age of four months. These licenses can be acquired by showing proof of neutering and vaccination against rabies. The cost of the license is $20 per year per dog. Trying to license dogs that are not spayed or neutered can result in costs of up to $100, or over $300 if you have a breeding permit.
Failure to abide by these restrictions may be a basis for a negligence claim against the dog’s owner if it leads to some form of injury to another person. When a law requires an animal be properly restrained and bounded from the public in an attempt to prevent any future dog attacks that can cause injuries to another, and the dog owner fails to act accordingly, he may be liable for any subsequent injuries which result from a failure to perform that duty. California law makes it possible for a victim of a Dog Attack to file a lawsuit against the owner of a dangerous or vicious dog on grounds of strict liability Laws if the dog bites the victim.

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