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Psychological Damages after a Dog Bite – Can You Sue for Mental Anguish

Psychological Damages after a Dog Bite - Can You Sue for Mental Anguish Every dog bite presents two entirely different claims. First, you have the physical bodily injuries. This includes tissue damage, nerve damage and disfigurement. Second, you have injuries that are not visible i.e. psychological. This includes nigh tremors, fear, anxiety and loss of sleep. However, unlike your physical injuries, psychological damages are not so apparent. Such damages require proper evaluation to determine whether they are authentic injuries. However, most attorneys or law firms completely neglect this element of your claim, when it fact it is very important.

Psychological Evaluation Following a Dog Bite

If you were attacked by a dog you can pursue a claim for psychological damages however you will need to meet with the proper physician. Many times you will have symptoms similar to post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. PTSD needs to be diagnosed by a licensed clinical psychologist in order to be given any credibility. Generally the psychologist will need to meet with you in order to conduct an evaluation which will be used to determine the degree of your injuries. Make sure you have a proper evaluation conducted in order to better understand whether you have been diagnosed PTSD or any traumatic psychological injuries.

Putting a Value on Mental Anguish

How do you put a value on your psychological damages? In reality putting a value of psychological injuries is difficult to do. Unlike physical injuries, you can not quantify or add up such injuries. You will need to look at the case and consider what the injuries have done to your life. How have they impacted you? What type of damage have they done to your life? Compensation for Emotional Distress Caused by Dog Bite

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Answering and understanding these questions takes time. Meeting with a qualified and licensed professional is important and will help you best understand what the degree of your injuries are. You cannot asses the value of your emotional or psychological damage until you are fully aware as to what the damages are. Keep in mind that while physical injuries will heal, psychological damages are much different. Such injuries take much longer to heal and require continued support to recover. While insurance companies will tend to neglect this element of your claim it is important that you be evaluated.

What if my attorney does not want to pursue a claim for emotional damages

Many attorneys will not pursue a claim for emotional damages, because they are not aware of such damages. In fact many will write off such injuries and will not aggressively pursue this element of your claim. You have the authority to instruct your attorney to consider pursuing different avenues for your case. You always have the authority to consider alternate counsel for your case. It is important that your attorney maximizes the value of your dog bite claim. Should you have any questions feel free to call us for a free case evaluation. Further Information: Statute of Limitations for Dog Bite Injuries


I was attacked in a backyard by a pitbull breaking two of my bones in my left arm I am left handed a metal plate was place in my Arm


Attacked by pitbull in my friends bk yard 2 bones crushed metal plate scared I work wit dogs

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