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Child Dog Bite Victims | Pitbull Dog Attack against the Young

Child Dog Bite Victims | Pitbull Dog Attack against the Young Every year 4.5 million Americans are bittern by dogs with one in five resulting in hospital visits or other medical attention.  Children are at most risk of being harmed by dog attacks.  Because of their small size and weight, children and younger teenagers are prone to being severally bitten by neighborhood dogs and family pets.  Unfortunately dog bite against children lead to serious bodily injuries including Many of these injuries require extensive reconstructive surgery, painful recuperation and can lead to permanent disfigurement of the face and body of your child.  If your son or daughter has suffered injuries from a dog bite contact our legal team today to schedule a free no cost evaluation.

Fatal Dog Bites Against Children:

Many adults are able to withstand dog bites and heal their wounds. Children however suffer much more extensive injuries which may result in a death. Child fatalities due to dog attacks is on the decrease in the United States; however approximately 20 to 30 dog bite relatd deaths to children take place every year.

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Never leave young children alone with a dog even a family pet, according to statistics close to 90% of child dog bite fatalities took place when the child was left unsupervised by an adult.

Dog Bite injuries and Residential Insurance Adjusters:

Insurance companies attempt to lowball compensation owed to victims of dog bites. Claimants who peruse compensation without proper legal representation are at most risk of accepting compensation that does not fully pay for their medical expenses, pain and suffering and loss of income.  All too often insurance adjuster will offer parents of dog bite victim 20% to 30% of the true assessed damages of an animal attack claim. A dedicated and professional law firm will pursue the maximum compensation possible – far more than the 20-30% insurance companies pay out. We advise all victims of dog bite to reach out to us; simply put victims of dog bite will likely garner a much higher compensation from insurance companies if they are represented by a trusted and aggressive team of personal injury Child Dog Bite attorneys in los angeles.

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  • Do not approach unfamiliar dogs or other animals
  • Do not play with a dog you do not know
  • Do not give food or snack to a dog you do not know
  •  Do not Run or Scream when in the presence of a canine:  A Dogs attack instincts may spark up leading to an attack
  • If a Dog Approaches Avoid Eye Contacts
  • Don’t touch a dog unless he has sniffed you
  • If an unfamiliar dog approaches remain silent and do not move; if the dog does not feel in danger he is less likely to attack.
  • Roll into a ball of knocked down by a dog:  Protect your vital organs and your head and neck by covering them as much as possible with your hands, arms and legs.
  • Never play with a dog without parental and or grownup supervision
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