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AIRBNB Iron Injury Attorney

AIRBNB rental properties have become a popular alternative to renting a hotel when traveling for business or pleasure. Many consumers prefer the feeling of staying in a home with more amenities and privacy than is offered in a hotel room. The ability to cook meals in a fully appointed kitchen, use private outdoor space, and wash clothes in a residential laundry setting all feel more peaceful and secluded than waiting in line for a washer or dryer in a laundry room in a large facility. And there are small details that make you feel right at home, such as the owner-supplied iron and ironing board to get the wrinkles out of your packed garment.

But what you might not consider when you grab that iron for a quick once-over of your outfit is that it might not be fully functional or safe. While it was likely new or had seen little use when the property owner put it in the unit, who knows what kind of care it has gotten since then? The iron, electrical cord, or plug could be damaged and prone to electrical shocks that could cause life-altering or even life-ending injuries.

If you have suffered an AIRBNB iron injury, the staff at DTLA Law Group is here to help with legal information and guidance to assist you in making some difficult choices. Our AIRBNB iron injury attorneys are available 24/7 to ensure you have access to reliable information about your rights as a personal injury victim and how to protect them. So please never agree to any compensation or sign any documents related to your injury other than for medical care until speaking to a DTLA Law Group AIRBNB iron injury attorney. We are also happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your case in detail and determine if you have grounds for an AIRBNB iron injury lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

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How Premises Liability Applies To An AIRBNB

Premises liability is the section of the law that outlines a property or business owner’s obligation for guest safety. The level of care that must be taken to provide a safe space, in this case, your AIRBNB rental, is clearly defined. It should be equal to the care that the average person would deliver. So if the average person would pick up litter from the floor to prevent a slip and fall injury, an AIRBNB property owner should act in the same matter. In the case of a damaged or worn-out iron, the AIRBNB should discover the damage or issue when inspecting the property and remove it to prevent a guest from being injured.

For premises liability to apply to you, you must be at the AIRBNB property as a legal guest. The laws do not protect anyone on the property illegally, such as a trespasser. In addition, one of the following must be true:

  • The AIRBNB owner caused the safety hazard or issue with the iron
  • The AIRBNB owner knew about the issue with the iron but did not repair it or warn you of the issue
  • The AIRBNB owner should have known about the iron being unsafe but failed to inspect the property and discover the iron was damaged or defective

While this sounds hard to prove what another person knows, it is not as challenging as you might think. For example, if the iron’s power cord was covered in electrical tape, the owner could have known of the issue with the cord and tried to repair it. Or if the iron housing was melted or covered with black singe marks, the AIRBNB owner should have seen that sign of trouble when inspecting the property. This is the information your DTLA Law Group AIRBNB iron injury attorney will use to confirm your grounds for an AIRBNB iron injury lawsuit.

Gathering Important Information For A Possible AIRBNB Iron Injury Lawsuit

Of course, medical care is the priority any time you are injured at an AIRBNB. However, you should consider possibly filing a lawsuit against the property owner or AIRBNB to receive the compensation you deserve for the incident. So it is essential that you gather vital information before leaving the property.

Photos of the iron that caused the electrical shock are critical. Once you leave the location, it could be impossible to return or to see that iron again. And you do not know what the property owner will do with it or to it that could make the injuries look like they were your fault.

Be sure to get close-up pictures of any damage to the iron, electrical cord, and plug. If the outlet is not singed or melted due to the issue, get pictures of that as well. If the entire property is in disrepair or looks poorly maintained, pictures of other potential safety issues could be helpful to demonstrate the overall condition of the property and the level of care it received.

How Much Is My AIRBNB Iron Injury Lawsuit Worth?

All personal injury lawsuit values are determined by evaluating the losses and expenses incurred by the victim. As the victim of an AIRBNB iron injury electrical shock, you will work with the DTLA Law Group legal experts to compile all the expenses you have suffered due to your injuries that can be included in the claim. The most common of these costs will fall into the following categories:

  • Medical expenses for treatment or all injuries due to the electrical shock
  • The cost of your legal fees to prepare and file the AIRBNB iron injury lawsuit
  • Your lost wages if the injuries prevented you from working
  • The value of any personal property damaged during the electrical shock incident

In cases with severe injuries or excessive recovery periods, you can seek compensation for the pain and suffering you endured. Your DTLA Law Group AIRBNB iron injury attorney will provide a reasonable amount for pain and suffering based on your injuries and previous experience handling similar cases.

Are Electrical Shock Injuries Serious?

Most people think of an electrical shock and imagine only a slight tingle as they brush against something with an electrical short. However, it is essential to understand that all electrical shocks can be very serious and could result in severe injuries. The electricity from the damaged cord or electrical device is passing electricity through your body and can cause burns to the surface skin and internally to organs or other tissue.

In addition, there are normally electrical impulses generated inside your body that an outside electrical current can disrupt. The most severe issues arise when the heart and brain suffer an electrical shock. The results can include heart failure, an irregular heartbeat, or damage to the heart muscle itself. Brain damage, memory loss, decreased cognitive ability, and seizures are also common after the brain has suffered exposure to electricity due to a severe shock.

All electrical shock victims should seek a complete medical evaluation after the event to ensure they have not suffered any internal injuries or damage that cannot be visually detected.

When Can I File My AIRBNB Iron Injury Lawsuit?

The Statute of Limitations on a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date of the incident in California. So you have that entire time to prepare your case and present it to the court system. If you wait longer, the claim will be denied in most cases. However, there are a few exceptions that your DTLA Law Group AIRBNB iron injury attorney will explain to you if they apply to your case.

By contrast, you are free to file your claim against the AIRBNB property owner as soon after the event as you would like. Your AIRBNB iron injury attorney is the best one to advise you on when to file, as they understand the intricacies of m the case and your short and long-term needs. In many cases, filing quickly is a significant benefit to the victim so they have the settlement or verdict funds as rapidly as possible.

Hiring The Best AIRBNB Iron Injury Attorney

Many personal injury victims or distraught to learn that they must pay upfront legal fees to secure a quality AIRBNB iron injury attorney to handle their AIRBNB injury lawsuit. However, when you work with DTLA Law Group, there are never any fees you must pay with your money. Instead, we only get paid after we have secured the compensation needed for you to pay your legal fees and other expenses related to your AIRBNB iron injuries.

In addition, if our expert legal staff fails to win your case and deliver a settlement or verdict in your favor, you owe us nothing for our time or work on the case. We have complete confidence in our ability to win each case that we take litigate. And if we fail to do our job and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses, then we have not earned our pay.

Please get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to speak to an AIRBNB iron injury attorney about your rights and the potential for an AIRBNB injury lawsuit. The consultation is free, and you are never under any obligation to hire DTLA Law Group or move forward with an AIRBNB injury lawsuit. Our only priority is ensuring that you understand your right to proceed with a lawsuit against AIRBNB and how to protect yourself and your future financial stability.


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