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Facial Disfigurement from Dog Bites | Scarring Animal Attack Lawsuits

Facial Disfigurement from Dog Bites | Scarring Animal Attack Lawsuits A dog attack or any animal nite can leave long lasting scars on your body. Many times the victim may never heal from the injuries. Certain breeds of dogs are trained almost instinctively to attack your face and neck. These dogs have tremendous abilities to systematically target and attack these vulnerable areas of the body. Those who survive are often left facially disfigured. In extreme cases victims succumb to their injuries and perish as a result. Death can occur not from the bites, but from subsequent infections or failure of vital organs. If you have been injured read the following article and know your rights.

Homeowners Insurance Liability

If you were mauled or bit by a dog it is important to know whether sufficient insurance exist. One of the primary insurance issues is whether the dog owner carries or has homeowners insurance. If the dog owner has a home it is likely you can pursue a claim against their homeowners insurance. However, in certain cases particularly in California specific exceptions exist. Certain homeowner policies have specific carve out exceptions for pit bull owners. This makes recovery for your injuries much more difficult. In cases where adequate insurance or no insurance exist, you need to consider other avenues of recovery. This can include pursuing a independent claim against the property owners. Other instances include liability for a property owner such as apartment building owners or single family residence owners. It is possible to pursue a claim for injuries against an apartment owner for allowing a vicious animal to exist on their property. However to be successful you need meet certain elements. You may also pursue a claim for injuries against a landlord of a home for allowing his tenants to create a dangerous condition on the property.

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Each of these claim require intense analysis of the facts. Understanding whether you have a claim will depend almost entirely on certain factors of your case. If you have been injured speak with an attorney.

Dog Owner Criminal Liability

Are pet owners criminally liable when a pit bull attacks a neighbor or pedestrian? In certain cases criminal liability can be imposed. For example if the owners were training the dogs for vicious behavior or for fight contest. In other situations where the dog is ordered by the owner to attack criminal liability can attach. It is important to remember that criminal liability is a not pursue by your attorney, but rather by the district attorney. Criminal matters are different from civil cases and will require different procedures. It is important to file a police report if possible when dealing with a dog bite case.

What Happens to the Dog has Attacked?

What happens to a dog after a pit bull attack? Generally what happens to the dog depends on the injuries. For example if no serious injury occurred the animal can be impounded and subject to a dangerous dog hearing. At these hearings animal control will have a formal hearing and decide what they will do with the dog. Dog owners can have a defense and will often make a claim to release the dog. Usually the dog will be released if certain qualifications are met including sufficient insurance, special leashes and other requirements.

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In other cases if the attack was brutal the animal if captured will be put down. It is never the decision of the victim as to happens to the animal. Instead there are procedures and controls in place to help make these decisions. If you have been injured contact a dog bite lawyer at Downtown L.A. Law.

Types of Facial Injuries from Dog Bites

Here is a list of different facial injuries suffered as a result of a dog bite. While this is not a complete list it does reflect the different types of facial injuries.
  • Nerve damage
  • Orbital or eye socket damage
  • Nasal disfigurement
  • Ear trauma
  • Cartilage damage
  • Deep tissue damage
  • Scarring
  • Puncture wounds
  • Lost teeth or dental damage
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Hair loss due to trauma
  • Fracture eye socket
  • Punctured ear drum
This is not a complete list of injuries and focuses more on facial injuries.

Psychological Healing From Facial Disfigurement

Healing from a facial disfigurement should be a key to any injury victim. This will depend on the extent of your injuries and treatment. In certain cases you will need reconstructive surgery, skin replacement surgery, plastic surgery and other corrective surgeries. However one of the most underestimated elements of healing is state of mind. It is important that you consider psychological healing as part of your overall treatment. Make sure to discuss any psychological trauma with your doctor. Psychological injuries come from the severe trauma suffered from being bit by a pit-bull. However, this part of your injury is often neglected without reason. In fact insurance companies and defense counsel will categorically deny these elements of your case. The reason is because the psychological element of your case from both being bit and any facial injuries suffered can be significant. Documenting Your Injuries: This is why you must have documented reports from a psychologist who has evaluated your mental health. Aside from the impact of this type of report on your claim, it will also have a significant impact on your ability to heal and live a normal life. Many victims are unable to cope with the aftermath of a dog bite attack. Victims suffer from depression and fear of leaving their home or place of safety and constantly relive the fear of being bit by a vicious dog. In some cases they become afraid of any animal regardless of its ability to inflict harm. These deep psychological effects can have permanent impressions. Victims should seek psychological treatment for the injuries suffered. Contacting an Attorney – To Speak to an Attorney regarding filing a claim against dog owners for injuries you suffered contact our Law Firm. (855)385-2529

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