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Numbness Caused by Nerve Damage from Dog Bites to the Hand

Being attacked by a dog can be a traumatic experience. These injuries can often materialize into nerve damage, which can result in long term damage requiring extensive therapy. Hand injuries are some of the most complicated types of injuries and require long term care to correct. Our hands are one of the most complex areas of our body. When a dog bite occurs to our hand, arm or any part of the  body nerve damage can result. If you have been injured, read the following information below or call our offices for a free consultation. We believe that we are the best personal injury lawyers in the State of California. Call us today for a free consultation.

Different Categories of Nerve Damage

There are three different categories of nerve damage or nerve injuries, which are suffered as a result of a dog bite. These three include (1) Axonotmesis; (2) Neurotmesis; and (3) Neurapraxia. Axonotmesis This occurs when there is a serious crushing force to the tissue. For example a bite from a pit-bull or police canine dog can cause this type of nerve damage. Medically, this is considered a serious type of nerve damage, which can result in long term issues, requiring therapy. In some instances the damage cannot be reversible. Neurotmesis This category is considered the most severe of all types of nerved damage. When this type of injury occurs, the actual nerve is severed entirely, leaving you with permanent damage. Again, this can occur when there is a forceful bite to any region of the body. Because our tissue is covered with nerve endings, it can occur anywhere there is a bite. It is not limited to the hand and can include damage to the neck, thigh, torso or stomach region. Neurapraxia Generally this is regarded as the least difficult or serious type of nerve damage. It is often times not permanent and recovery is almost certain. This type of injury deals more with the compression of the nerve rather than the loss or severing of the nerve.

Homeowner Liability

In certain cases homeowners and apartment building owners are held responsible when they permit a dog which they know have vicious properties to remain on the property. Homeowners are required to take steps to secure the property and avoid escape, which can lead to serious injuries. The use of a strong leash or brick laid walls are necessary when attempting to contain dogs with the propensity to escape. When homeowners fail to take measure to protect against pedestrian attacks they will be held responsible for injuries which result.

Other Factors to Consider

While nerve damage is one of the most devastating injuries after a dog bite, it does not mean it is the only injury. Often times there is a strong psychological component which comes with these types of injuries. Psychological injuries can include fear of dogs or a general type of anxiety which can develop after an attack. Psychological injuries can be serious and require proper evaluation Any settlement must consider this component or element of your claim. Remember that if you enter into a binding settlement you will not be able to pursue any future claims arising from the same injury.

Free Attorney Consultation or Second Legal Opinion

Make sure that you speak with your attorney and fully understand the effect of any settlement in which you enter. Many law firm lack the experience and knowledge necessary to evaluate the true value of a nerve damage case and maximize recovery on behalf of their clients. Speak to a nerve damage attorney from our law firm for a full understanding of your rights to recovery.

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