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Rental Bike Accident Injury Lawsuit

Rental Bike Accident Injury Lawsuit liability sue incident attorney

Many California cities, especially larger ones like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, are bike-friendly. The car traffic is typically very heavy. But on a bike, a resident or tourist can get around town much more quickly and stress-free compared to driving a car. In addition, pedal power provides great exercise and a close-up look at the area’s beauty and mild climate. All of these perks to riding a bike around town also bode well for bike rental companies.

It is easy to find a local bike rental shop in almost every city in the state. While most cater to tourists or visitors, some even offer long-term rental or trial rentals for residents who are just getting used to having a bike as a major mode of transportation. This rental idea is a great way to try out the biking lifestyle. But it can also be a quick lesson on the value and need for quality bike care and maintenance. Sadly, many of the rental bikes offered in the state have seen many more miles than the average personally-owned bike and gotten little, if any, maintenance or care. So riders must beware of the possibility of a failure or breakdown that could result in a significant rental bike accident injury.

If you or a loved one have recently suffered an injury due to a defective bike rental or a broken rental bike, the staff at DTLA Law Group is here to provide the information you need to make well-informed choices about your future. The thought of a rental bike accident injury lawsuit could be intimidating. However, in many cases, that is the only way to secure the funds you deserve for the injuries and losses you suffered. And our dedicated staff of rental bike accident injury attorneys is ready to help you get what you deserve.

Our office can be reached 24/7 to ensure you have reliable information and peace of mind after this stressful ordeal. And we are proud to offer all personal injury victims a free consultation. At this meeting with a DTLA Law Group rental bike accident injury lawyer, you can discuss the details of the incident and our pros will determine if your claim has the legal merit needed to pursue a rental bike accident injury lawsuit. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to schedule your free consultation.

Why Are Rental Bikes Potentially Hazardous For Riders?

Even as a fundamental machine, a bicycle requires a certain amount of maintenance and care to remain safe and function correctly. However, most bike rental companies are more interested in keeping all rental units generating revenue than keeping them safe and well-maintained for customers. So, the average rental bike sees countless hours of use and gets very little in the way of inspections or service to keep it operating correctly.

Sadly, most bike renters have no idea what to look for and check before jumping on a rental bike and pedaling away. They assume that the rental staff have taken the necessary precautions and checked vital things like:

  • The inflation of the tires and the tread on the tires is adequate
  • The chain is lubricated and in good working order
  • Inspecting the brakes for proper adjustment and function
  • Ensuring that the seat is not damaged and is properly affixed to the bike
  • Examining the welds, hardware, and structure of the bike frame to ensure it is not damaged or flawed

As a bike owner, you would regularly take these steps to ensure your safety. However, when you rent a bike, you hope that the staff at the rental company is providing you with a unit that has met a certain level of safety inspection, is ready to use safely, and does not fail to result in a significant injury due to:

  • The bike suddenly stops, slows, or lurches when a tire comes off the rim or is flat
  • A brake failure that prevented you from avoiding a crash or obstacle in the road
  • Gearing or chain failures that suddenly prevent you from being able to propel the bike and could cause an injury accident
  • Failure of the pedals or seat that is likely to result in the rider losing balance and falling or the bike falling over and injuring the rider

The most unfortunate part of these injury accidents is that they all could have been easily prevented if the staff at the bike rental business had been dedicated to the safety of their customers and meeting their duty of care to provide a safe rental bike. Please get in touch with DTLA Law Group immediately if you have suffered an injury due to a damaged or defective rental bike. Our staff is ready to help you sort out the details of the incident and find the resolution to overcome the hardships of your injuries and losses.

When Can I Sue For My Rental Bike Accident Injuries?

The critical factor in suing for injuries you suffered in a bike injury incident is determining that someone else’s negligence caused your accident and damages or losses. If you were distracted because you were looking at your phone and pedaled off the side of the road and crashed, you are responsible for the accident. However, there are many other cases where someone else makes a poor choice, which is why you have suffered a rental bike accident injury. Some of the examples of when you can sue for your rental bike accident injuries could include:

  • If the bike was damaged or defective and the rental company failed to inspect the bike and repair the issues
  • If the bike is defective and the manufacturer failed to properly test the bike to determine it is defective or chose not to recall the bike after discovering the model has defects
  • A vehicle driver caused the accident
  • Another bike rider was the cause of the accident
  • A pedestrian caused your accident
  • If poor road conditions, a lack of proper road signage, or hazardous landscape in the area caused the accident, you could often sue the city or municipality for failing to maintain the area in a safe condition

The experts at DTLA Law Group have decades of combined expenses in determining the cause of a rental bike accident and whom to sue to secure the compensation our client needs and deserves for their losses and damages. Please get in touch with our office at your earliest convenience to schedule your free consultation.

How Much Is My Rental Bike Accident Injury Lawsuit Worth?

There is no pre-determined value for a bike accident injury or any other personal injury claim. The amount of a lawsuit claim is based primarily on the losses and damages suffered by the victim. In this case, you will work closely with the caring DTLA Law Group legal staff to compile all the allowable expenses to determine the value of your claim. The most common items included in a rental bike accident injury lawsuit are:

  • All current and future medical costs related to the care or treatment or injuries sustained in the bike accident
  • Your legal fees from DTLA Law Group for preparing and litigating your rental bike accident injury lawsuit
  • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the rental bike accident incident
  • Your lost income if your injuries prevented you from returning to work until you were fully recovered

In cases that include severe injuries or a lengthy recovery time, it is also possible to seek pain and suffering compensation. This dollar amount is often vague and hard for a victim to determine, so the legal staff at DTLA Law Group will guide you in selecting a fair and reasonable amount when this facet is applied to your claim.

The Statute Of Limitations For Your Rental Bike Accident Injury Lawsuit

As a personal injury victim, you have up to two years from the date of the incident to file a claim with the court. If the case is not filed by the second anniversary, you will often lose the right to seek compensation. If any exceptions to this time limit apply to you and your case, the staff at DTLA Law Group will explain why they might offer you a benefit by extending your filing window.

Getting The Best Lawyer For Your Rental Bike Accident Injury Lawsuit

You will surely discover how quickly the expenses and losses add up after suffering a rental bike accident injury. And you are likely worried about how to pay all of the costs and bills you face. The staff at DTLA Law Group wants to provide the solutions you need to these financial challenges without adding to your stress and bills.

To accomplish this monumental task, we offer our services and expertise to clients without requiring them to pay any upfront legal fees or expenses. We cover all the court costs to file your claim. And we only get reimbursed and paid for our time after securing the settlement or verdict funds needed to cover all your expenses and losses. And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact DTLA Law Group today to discuss the details of your rental bike accident injury incident and how our staff can assist you in overcoming the challenges it created. The call and consultation are free, and you are never obligated to hire DTLA Law Group or pursue a lawsuit.

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Injuries Caused by Unsafe Pool Chairs

Most pool chairs are very simple in design, as they’re usually made of canvas and a light metal or wooden frame. That’s why product makers have to invest extra time and attention in the manufacturing of these items. Failure to exercise caution can lead to accidents if the chair breaks or collapses while someone is in the seat. People can also be injured if there is a problem with the joints that allow the chair to fold and unfold. This is more of a problem with portable beach chairs, but even stationary cabana chairs have a chance of collapsing if there are issues with the material, hardware, or other aspects of the product.

Below is a list of the most common injuries you can sustain from a cabana or pool chair collapse:

  • Cuts, bruises, and scratches
  • Broken facial bones
  • Dental damage, such as broken or lost teeth
  • Fractured tailbone
  • Joint dislocation
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Concussion and other forms of head trauma
  • Tearing of soft tissues – ligaments, muscles, and tendons
  • Permanent scars
  • Hip or pelvic fracture
  • Nerve damage
  • Chronic pain in the arms and legs
Family Dollar Beach Chair Recall

On January 26, 2022, Family Dollar recalled around 38,300 beach loungers that were sold between January 2019 and September 2021. The product can be identified by a sewn-in label that reads “Distributed by Midwoods Brands LLC” on one side and “Outdoors by Design” on the other side.

These chairs are made from blue or red woven fabric and metal bars with joints that allow you to fold and transport the item. Unfortunately, the chairs are structurally unsound, which can cause them to collapse. Aside from cabana chair collapse accidents, people may get their fingers caught in the metal folding joints.

If you have been injured by one of these chairs, contact us immediately to learn about your rights. Family Dollar is offering a refund of the purchase price for the chair, but this is not sufficient remedy if you are dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and other monetary losses. We can help you explore your available legal options, including a product liability lawsuit against Family Dollar.

Average Value of a Defective Cabana Chair Injury Claim

Questions about case value come up at just about every consultation here at our law firm, and we empathize with the need to have a sense of what your lawsuit is worth. But coming up with an average case value is impossible, as each victim is left with different losses after a defective product incident. How badly you are injured is the most important factor, and claims involving serious injuries may be worth around $250,000 to $3,000,000 and above. If the damage you suffered from a collapsing beach chair accident is relatively minor, you may end up with $50,000 or less.

Rental Bike Accident Injury Lawsuit sue attorney lawsuit liability compensation lawyer attorney sue
What is the Estimated Wait Time to Settle my Case?

It’s difficult to provide an answer to this question, as there are many factors that affect the total amount of time to settle a product accident injury claim. We aim to reach a settlement on behalf of clients within 6 months, but cases involving negligence by a product manufacturer are quite challenging to prove. As a result, these cases often take anywhere from 6 to 18 months from start to finish. The process may be longer if we need to take your case to trial, though this is rare, as most product manufacturers want to avoid court hearings, which are expensive and time-consuming.

Statute of Limitations for a Product Liability Case

Except in rare circumstances, lawsuits for a defective product must be filed within 2 years from the date of the accident. If you fail to meet this deadline, it’s unlikely that the courts will allow you to proceed with a broken pool chair injury case. You also have to keep in mind that it can take considerable time to prepare a lawsuit, especially if you have serious injuries with long-term complications. To ensure that you can receive justice as soon as possible, give us a call to initiate a claim with a product defect injury lawyer.

Contact DTLA Law Group

If you are in need of legal advice for a defective product injury claim, our lawyers are here for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our law firm is dedicated to the rights of accident victims, including those with pending accident claims against a product manufacturer. Along with free case evaluations, we offer second opinions to anyone that has questions or concerns about their case.

You won’t be charged up front if you decide to hire us after a free initial consultation or free second opinion. Our settlement demands include the cost of representing you, so we get paid at the same time you receive compensation from a defective swimming pool resting chair injury claim. And if we don’t win your case, our Zero Fee Guarantee means that you will never be responsible for any legal fees.

Our defective product accident lawyers are waiting to speak with you, so contact us right away to discuss your rights and legal options.


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