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Multiple Impact Collision Attorney

Multiple impact collision attorneySome research has been conducted to show that multiple impact collisions in car accidents are more dangerous and devastating than those involving singular cars. These impacts occur at higher speeds and result in many more injuries, both severe and fatal. As a result, victims should take appropriate legal action against the perpetrator of these accidents. Victims may not know who is responsible or who they can sue if they were struck by numerous cars. It is wise to enlist the help of our multiple vehicle car accident attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Group to determine who should be targeted in such claims.

Multiple Vehicle Impact Scenarios

There are a few ways in which you can be involved in an accident that contains numerous collisions. Many multiple impact crashes happen in crowded areas or commonly used streets. You may be stopped at a red light when someone rear ends you and pushes you into the intersection, which could result in you being hit by intersecting traffic. You may also be on the highway traveling at a fast speed when you are cut off by another vehicle or when you are sideswiped. This can cause you to lose control of your car and get pushed into other vehicles, where you may be hit from behind or from the side again. You may also be hit into oncoming traffic if you are rear ended. You could be involved in a T-bone crash at an intersection<.a> that could place you in a dangerous situation. Some drivers may not be paying attention, which could lead to them hitting disabled vehicles or contributing to crashes. If you have been in an accident caused by numerous vehicles, you should take appropriate legal action against the responsible car. In many cases, the initial impact, provided it was caused by a negligent driver, will be the one used for your lawsuit. The additional impacts may be used as a way to get more compensation from the initial driver, seeing as how he was the one who caused the entire chain reaction to occur.

Injuries from Multiple Impact Collisions

You are twice as likely to be injured in multiple impact collisions as you are in accidents involving one other vehicle. The risk of severe injuries is also greater at lower speeds when there are numerous impacts when compared to those with one impact at higher speeds. The risk of death is much higher, as well. Some of the injuries you could receive include:

  • Whiplash
  • Concussions
  • Spinal cord issues
  • Internal organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Lacerations
  • Neck injuries
  • Severed limbs and digits
  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Death
Single Car Accidents

The more severe your injuries, the more likely it is that you could receive a large settlement from the responsible party. If you were unable to return to work or if you suffered drastic lifestyle changes because of the incident, you could take legal action. Our multiple impact collision lawyers will strive to bring you maximum compensation for your injuries.

Our Recent Verdicts and Settlements


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$3 Million

Truck Accident

Liability in Multi Vehicle Crashes

Determining liability in a crash involving multiple vehicles and impacts can be very difficult. The police may conduct their investigation at the scene, while our attorneys and other insurance agents will collect their own findings. Liability can vary depending on the circumstances of the event; for example, if an individual was drunk and drove through a red light, causing his car to be struck by two different vehicles, he would likely be held totally accountable. On the other hand, the other drivers would not be held responsible if they also struck other vehicles as a result of the drunk driver’s negligence. A common occurrence in multiple impact crashes is rear end collisions. You may be the middle driver in a three car collision; for example, the car in front of you may have stopped short because of another driver cutting him off, causing you to crash into the rear. You may then be struck from behind by another vehicle. Although many rear end collisions are directly attributed to the driver in the back, you may not be targeted if you can prove that the accident happened because of another driver’s choices or reckless driving.

Guide to Auto Accidents

If you were forced into a rear end collision because a car behind you pushed you into someone’s trunk, you also would not be held responsible. This is because the accident was completely out of your hands and the force of the following car caused the incident between you and the car in front of you. There are a few ways that you can determine liability. If a driver was tailgating, driving drunk, did not have working brake lights or signals, had broken brakes, speeding, or otherwise driving recklessly, he may be held liable for the injuries of parties in the crash.

3 Car Pile Up Accident | Who is at Fault | Liability

If you need help to prove that another driver was the reason the accident happened and you wish to receive ample compensation for your damages, call our multiple impact crash lawyers today for representation.

Compensation from Multiple Impact Collision Accidents

Multiple impact collisions can result in compensation from various sources. You may be able to hold numerous parties accountable for the damages you suffered in the incident. Our team of multiple impact collision attorneys can help you receive coverage for what you deserve. Some of the restitution you may be subjected to includes:

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  • Medical expenses from the past and future for surgical costs, hospitalization, ambulatory transportation, medication, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and more
  • Lost income from days of missed work from the past and future
  • Property damage for any repairs to your vehicle, replacement of lost items, and any other costs for damaged goods or belongings
  • Pain and suffering damages to cover your emotional trauma, PTSD, fear, anxiety, mental anguish, and more

Multiple impact car accidents significantly raise the risk of death of those involved. As such, if a family member or loved one passed away due to injuries, you could pursue a wrongful death claim for additional expenses. These expenses could include funeral and burial fees, loss of consortium and relation, loss of expected savings and inheritance, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, and more. A multiple vehicle collision could also be caused due to the gross negligence of another party, or the defendant could have intentionally tried to harm you or others. This could result in punitive damages, which are additional forms of monetary compensation meant to punish the defendant. They are hard to win, though, as many juries view them as excessive or harsh, and only a qualified lawyer will be able to secure them for your case. Don’t let your expenses control you. You should not be responsible for debts and costs if you were hit on the road, especially if it were a multi vehicle pileup. Our multiple vehicle accident attorneys can assist you with your claim.

Deadline to Sue for Your Damages

The statute of limitations is the amount of time you have to take legal action after being injured in a car accident. You can file a lawsuit for up to two years after the date of the injury. If you do not meet this deadline and try to sue after the two-year limit, you will be barred from receiving compensation and your claim will likely be thrown out. The statute of limitations allows defendants enough time to prepare their defenses and to not be unfairly sued years after damages have been taken care of. Further, it allows plaintiffs ample time to gather evidence and to collect proof of their expenses.

Multi Car Accidents – Who’s Liable in a Pile-up

There are some ways in which this limit of two years can be temporarily put on hold. The most common occurrence is when the plaintiff was underage at the time of the incident, which would allow the statute to be postponed until he turns 18 years old. Further, the injuries may have been so severe that a plaintiff was left mentally or physically incapable of taking action; this would allow the time limit to be extended and would start when he regains function. The defendant must also be present in the state – if he leaves the state temporarily or goes on a vacation, the statute would be suspended until he returns. It can be difficult to pinpoint how much time you have left to sue. Our expert multiple vehicle car crash lawyers can ensure that you do not miss out on any important deadlines and that you file your claim on time. We will see to it that your documents are all submitted and that you do not run the risk of missing out on your deserved compensation . Multi Car Pileups

The Right Firm for You

It can be extremely confusing and frustrating to be in an accident with multiple cars. You may not know who the right target is and you may not be able to handle your lawsuit on your own. Fortunately, our lawyers have years of experience in multiple impact collision cases, and we know the best methods to winning your claim. We will determine who is liable and who should pay for all your damages. Our aggressive lawyers will pursue your rightful compensation and won’t give up until we are satisfied with the result.

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Call us at (855) 339-8879 for a free legal consultation. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will tell you what we believe your case is worth. Our consultations are totally confidential, as well; none of your details will be shared elsewhere. We will look over your case and help you understand who can be held accountable. If you wish to hire us, we will also give you our zero fee guarantee. This promises that we won’t get paid unless and until we win your case; if we lose, we don’t get anything at all, and our lawyers eat the costs of the case. You will not use your own finances to pay for anything, regardless. The insurance company will cover the payments of your expenses and ours. To get the assistance you need for your multiple impact car accident, reach out to the Downtown LA Law Group.


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