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Loss of Teeth After an Auto Accident – Dental Damage Lawsuit

An auto accident can be painful and cause serious injury. In certain or select cases you can suffer dental damage causing teeth to fall out entirely. If you have suffered such damage you may be entitled to additional compensation, but here is what you should know. Below are some examples of cases where you can suffer dental damage as a result of an auto accident as well as your remedies.

Rear End Accidents Causing Dental Damage

Broken Teeth After A Car AccidentIf you were rear ended the sudden impact can cause you to clench down hard. This sudden clenching motion is where the damage can occur. In such cases the client unintentionally bites down as a sort of reflex mechanism. This reflex mixed with your adrenaline can cause devastating injuries. We have seen cases where the bite reflex was so strong that is caused shattered molars and front teeth. In one particular case our client severed his tongue as a result of the bite. Broken teeth after an car accident are common, but often go unresolved, why? Because most attorneys are unaware how to handle the loss of teeth claim. You must first discuss the damage with a specialist and consider or evaluate the loss value, which can be extensive. If you are younger then the loss of your teeth can have even greater or more substantial value. Damaged teeth are also difficult to repair and in most cases there is a residual costs. What this means is that you have a constant repair cost associated with these types of cases. When you have a damaged tooth the repair cost can be consistent for the course of your life and will require continuous dental care to upkeep and repair That is why these cases can have substantial value in the form of damages and future medical care.

Examples of Cases Where Client Had Something In Their Mouth

What if I was chewing on something when the accident happened? In cases where you have the client chewing on ice, a peach pit or any substance at the time of the accident which contributed to the injuries can be recoverable. If you were for example chewing on an ice cube before the accident and at the time of the accident the ice cube was in your mouth causing you to bite down and suffer some type of breaking or damage, you will still be entitled to recovery. Cases such as the one above are common. It not uncommon for a person to have a piece of ice in their mouth from a soft drink, or peach pit or even a pen in their mouth at the time of an accident. However, the main problem is actually recovering from the injuries sustained from your accident.

Proving Damages Following a Car Accident

Damages in these types of cases can be proven in a number of ways, however the most common is through some type of actual x-ray. X-rays can show the type of damage that occurred and the procedure needed to correct it. If the fracture is serious, then a oral surgery will need to be performed. In such cases you will need to have a full operation to remove the damaged or decaying tooth and install an implant. Additionally these procedures can be very costly. A typical procedure can costs thousands of dollars and will need additional upkeep and care. Make sure that if you have suffered dental damage that you speak with a dentist. If you do not have dental coverage speak with your lawyer about finding a doctor on lien so that you will not have to pay for the care up-front. Our office handles multiple cases such as this each year and would be interested in discussing your case with you. Feel free to call for a complimentary case evaluation with our attorneys. Futher Information: Value of an Injury Lawsuit Involving a Broken Tooth
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