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Colton Pitbull Dog Bite Attack – Margarita Negrete 4-21-13

Colton Pitbull Dog Bite Attack – Margarita Negrete 4-21-13 Colton San Bernardino County California – An elderly 74 year old woman was severely attacked by a pitbull in Colton California over the weekend resulting in catastrophic injuries. According to investigators at the scene of the incident and hospital officials Margarita Negrete, a 74 year old elderly females, suffered severe head wounds when she was attacked by the family owned pitbull. The pitbull later charged at local law enforcement officials who had been attempting to extricate the victims from the grip of the dangerous k9. Accordingly the police officers at the scene shot and killed the dog. Colton Pitbull Dog Bite Attack - Margarita Negrete

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According to police the pitbull has already killed another family owned dog previous to the attack on the elderly victim. The victim has undergone surgery and more are planned injuries to her leg. Pitbulls have a track record for being the most dangerous dog breed in the world. The vast majority of severe dog bit incidents in the country are the result of attacks by pit-bulls. The two age group at the greatest risk of sustaining life threatening dog bites from family owned pets are children under the age of 14 and the elderly.

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