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Value of Rear End Accident Lawsuit – Average Settlement of Case

Value of Rear End Accident Lawsuit – Average Settlement of CaseEvery week Law Firm receives dozens of inquiries from individuals who have suffered physical harm due to accidents caused by the negligent or intentional harm of others. One of the most important and most widely asked questions asked by our clients to our attorneys is, “what is the value of my case” or “how much will my case settle for.” Legal Assistance In Determining the Value of Your Case: Our attorneys are able to help you in assessing the estimated value of your case. Our law firm has been able to recover six figure settlements for individuals who have been involved in rear end accidents. Feel free to contact our law firm toll free at (855) 339-8879. All legal consultations with one of our attorneys is provided completely free of charge.

Factors Involved In Establishing an Estimated Value of a Personal Injury Claim

Extent and Severity of Injuries Suffered: The severity of injuries is a significant factors in calculating the estimated value of a personal injury lawsuit. Generally the more severe an injury the greater level of medical care will be required resulting in costly hospitalization expenses, doctors visits, and prescription drug medication. Common injuries associated with rear end accident include, severe contusion of the neck, disc herniation, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, facial lacerations, broken teeth, and broken nose. Life Impact – Requirement for Disability Care: Rear-end collisions are the cause of thousands of traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries in the United States each year. Victims will often suffer permanent disabilities requiring nursing care, home care, transportation expenses, frequent medical checkups, revision surgeries, and rehabilitation care. According to recently published statics the average lifetime cost of individual with a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury is between $1.5 – $3.0 Million dollars. Victims of car accidents are entitled to not only current medical costs but also future life care costs and disability care costs. Lost Wages and Loss of Future Income: In many our clients are unable to go back to work for days, weeks, or even months after an accident. In those instance pay stubs can be used to assess the salaries lost. In some instances victims of auto accident suffer from permanent injuries or disabilities rendering them unable to work the same amount or hours or in the same field of work as before the accident. In such cases vocational experts will be brought in by the court to assess the value of future loss of income. Pain and Suffering: Under California law juries have the right to place a monetary value on the physical pain and emotional trauma of a victim. The value assessed by juries is predicated on a per diem system in which a daily value for pain and suffering is multiplied by the number of day s a person has and is likely to suffer. for example a jury places a $500.00 per day value on the pain and suffering of a car accident victim who suffered from a broken nose. That number is multiplied by 365, the number of days the victim is expected to suffer from her injuries. Thus the calculation will be $500 X 365 = $182,500. Legal Assistance: If you have any legal questions regarding rear end auto accidents contact our law offices toll free at (855)385-2529. All consultations are free of charge. Further Information: Car Accident Legal Guide Car Accident Form Top Ten Causes of Car Accidents

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