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What are the steps I need to take after being involved in a Car Accident – Rear end collision

What are the steps I need to take after being involved in a Car Accident – Rear end collision Hundred of traffic accidents take place in Southern California every day.  Motorists should always be aware what they should and should not do if they have been involved in a motor vehicle collision.  Knowing in advance what to do will increase your chances of a full recovery for your injuries and compensation for your loss. What to Do after a Car Accident: 1.  Stop Driving and Pull to the side of the road in a safe spot.  Failure to stop may lead to the filing of criminal charges by prosecution office in your county. 2.  Get medical attention if you or another person in hurt:  If you suspect anyone has been injured in the accident seek medical attention. Contact 911 or your local paramedics as soon as possible.  The sooner you seek medical attention the better your chances of recovery after the accidents. 3.  Make sure you and the other individuals involved on the accident are in a safe place away from dangers such as oncoming traffic.  The safety of you and those around you should always be your primary objective. 4.  Contact the local police department or California Highway Patrol and report the auto accident.  If you have a trusted personal injury car accident lawyer contact him if you have any questions regarding the process. 5. Always Carry an accident Worksheet at hand in your Car:   You can find a co If you are not injured and it is safe to do so ask the other driver and ask for their
  • Drivers License,
  • Car registration information,
  • Contact information, and insurance documentation.
Take down all information. 6. Take Pictures:  If you have a high resolution camera phone ask the person if it is ok to take pictures of the documents you have asked for. Also take pictures of the accident site including the traffic lights, stop sings, skid marks on the road surface, damages to your vehicle and other vehicles and the general outlay of the road including present road conditions such as rain, oily surfaces, potholes, and ice. If there is a dispute down the line you will have proof. 7.  If there are witnesses around ask for their information as well.  Any evidence of fault wil be helpful to proving your case in court and maximizing the recovery for your loss. 8.  DO NOT SPEAK TO AN INSURANCE ADJUSTER:  Insurance companies have only one primary goal in mind; to reduce you recovery and the compensation you are entitled to.  Before speaking to you insurance adjusted contact an auto accident attorney and ask him to advise you as to your rights that the compensation you are entitled to. Auto Accident Claims can be difficult to handle for individuals who may not have the legal experience and knowledge required.   It is always advisable to contact a personal injury attorney after a traffic accident so that you have a full understanding of your right to compensation from insurance companies and the other parties at fault. If you have any further questions contact the Downtown LA Law Firm to speak with our Auto Accident Legal team.


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