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Bed Bug Infestation Lawsuit Against Mattress and Furniture Stores

Bed Bug Infestation Lawsuit Against Mattress and Furniture Stores Bed Bugs are an ever increasing problem in home across California. A chief cause in the spread of bead bugs over the past decade has been the sale improperly inspected and fumigated refurbished mattresses and furniture sold to unsuspecting customers. In some instance victims have contracted bed bug just by sitting in a chair, sofa, couch, or lying in beds in mattresses that have been infected. Victims of severe bed bug bites due to the purchase of unsanitary furniture from second hand stores have a right to seek momentary recovery for their injuries. Legal Assistance: Our los angeles personal injury law firm is able to provide legal assistance to individuals who have suffered serious injuries including bed bug bites and infestations. For a Free No Cost consultation with our los angeles beg bug lawyer regarding your case call our offices toll free (855)385-2529.

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What is a Bed Bug and How Do They Cause Injury

Bed bugs (Cimex Lecturlarius) are parasites that feed by sucking on human blood while the victim is asleep. Bed bug are light brown or reddish-brown in color and are oval shaped. Newly hatched bed bugs are translucent in color. Numerous dangerous health conditions can result from bed bug infestations including skin rashes, permanent keloid scarring, allergic reactions, and communicable diseases. Once bed bugs have established in a home , they can be difficult and costly to remove. Victims of bed bugs may have to undergo medical treatment including emergency room visits, medication, and rehabilitation.

Bed bugs a growing problem in rental furniture

Many people mistakenly believe that bed bugs only live in beds and mattresses. This is simply not accurate.
Filing a Lawsuit for Bed Bugs: The are several legal causes of action available to attorneys fighting for the legal rights of bed bug bite infestation injuries including, negligent conduct, breach of warranty, violation of local and state health codes. Victims of bed bug injuries are entitled to compensation for all their losses including
  • All present and future medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income and loss of future wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress including PTSD
  • Punitive damages

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about 8 weeks ago i rented a couch from Aarons here in my town. the couch is filled with bedbugs and they wont take responsibility and they refuse to come get the couch. they were told by their orkin guy that the couch was the source of the problem but aarons denys it. ive got voice recording from the orkin guy and myself talking were he says he told them in the report that it was the couch. i also hired someone local that isnt under aarons belt to look around and his report says the same thing. ‘

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