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What is the Value of a Bed Bug Lawsuit – Bed Bug Bite Injury

What is the Value of a Bed Bug Lawsuit – Bed Bug Bite Injury

A common question is what is my bed bug case worth? While we have no real formula to determine exact value, here are some factors we consider in placing a dollar value on your case. Bed bugs can be some of the most devastating infestations. Victims often suffer deep psychological trauma. This can impact all elements of their life, including work.

How do we evaluate the value of your bed bug case?

Bed bug cases are evaluated using the following factors.

First: How many bites did you have across your body and how many people were bit? Bites across the body are indicative of a few factors. Multiple bites are always a sign of a serious infestation. If you have 50 plus bites it is likely a sign that the infestation was lingering on the property for a prolonged period of time.

Second: Was the hotel or property owner aware of the infestation? Knowledge and conduct of the at fault party is a critical factor. If it found that the property owners had knowledge and failed to correct the issue, liability will be extended to them. In many cases showing that they had knowledge can be difficult and requires some creative strategies.

Third: what injuries did you sustain as a result of the bites? This is not exclusive to your physical injuries, but emotional as well. Some develop keloid scars across the body. In other cases victims suffer psychological trauma that can take years to correct.

These three factors are the main issues we use to determine your damages claim. Hotels, apartment complexes and rental facilities will routinely deny any knowledge that bed bugs existed on the property. In many cases they will give the false sense of settling with you on your claim, only to use it as a defense tactic. In turn they will use the information you have provided to deny or limit the value of your claim.

Bed bug cases will only settle for their actual value when a lawsuit is filed. Without a lawsuit, insurance companies and claims adjusters who handle the claim will provide you a lowball offer. They will tell you that because your medical bills are low, that the case is in fact not that valuable. This is an inaccurate statement. Bed bug cases will have value depending on the conduct, knowledge and emotional distress suffered by the victim.

How long will it take to settle my case?

Settling a case will depend on a number of factors. However, the average personal injury lawsuit can take between 6-14 months. A lot of the time issues associated with your case will depend on whether the defendant will admit to liability. If liability is at issue, or if liability is not immediately established or accepted it can delay the case. It is your attorneys job to establish liability.

Should I accept the insurance companies offer?

NO! Never accept the offer from an insurance adjuster. Generally, these offers are three or four times less than the value of your claim. Often times insurance adjusters will use the fact that you have “no damages” as tool to deny or limit the claim. Damages are generally bodily injury or emotional injuries, but if you do not know how to demonstrate, explain and argue these damages correctly it can hurt your case.

Before accepting any offer form an insurance company make sure you speak with an attorney regarding your case. Often times a lawyer dealing with bed bug cases, will be able to point you in the best direction.

About Us: The Downtown LA Law Group is a full service personal injury law form representing victims of beg bug bite injuries across the State of California including Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino, Ventura, Riverside and the San Fransisco bay area communities of Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento. To schedule a free legal consultation call us toll free (855)385-2529.

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Hello im writing to ask i stayed in a hotel and got bitten by bed bugs and in total it was 118 bites included before i chat with a lawyer andhire a lawyer how much can i limitly recieve from a hotel company and what if they ask to pay my doctors bill

I got bit my son got bit i left house because of bed bugs couldnt take getting bit up any longer.I suied them judge threw it out.please i need to tell whole story please help me, please contact soon as posible .

I have about 30 bedbug bites that include my face. This is really bothering me.Landlord had superintindent spray. still bites. Two days now. The bed bugs were here when I came and landlord did not tell me . Do I have a law suit.

We just moved into this apartment 2 months ago and we’ve been suffering from bed bug bites! We moved in from my mothers house where we didn’t have bed bugs so the infestation must’ve been here from the previous tenant! I have a one year old and pregnant with our second child. I can’t sleep for fear that they’ll bite my son so I stay awake to make sure he’s safe. Landlord is not hurrying the process and we’re suffering all the while we wait for them to spray the apartment. Please help I just need enough to be able to move out of this place since I’m gonna have to leave everything behind..

I recently received homeless assistance from the county which paid for my stay in a bed bug infested motel. I my daughter and fiance sustained multiple bites in 3days. I contacted the health dept and made a report the second day I was there because they moved us to a different room which made no difference. We asked management to come see the bugs and were thrown out as a result. This was not fair to us just because the county paid doesn’t mean this is OK. I saw no signs of motel trying to rid the problem. I couldn’t sleep for two Ina half days there and now they live in our stuff. I know I’m very allergic because of how my bites turned out compared to those of my fiance and daughter. I need help please. I talked to one attorney who said they couldn’t take the case they won’t go after the state and the county paid for our stay. What can I do?

I was in the best Western hotel in Baltimore and i felt something bite my calf i immediately jumped and snatched the covers back and i saw bug, i kept trying to kill it but it wouldn’t die..i then called the front desk clerk she said she would change my room, i ask for her to send maintenance up to see…the guy came up,i had already taken pictures of it..the maintenance guy grapped two cups and we sealed it in a cup,he took it to the front desk supervisor, she didn’t want to see it..i was told that the general manager would call me,and he never have….i have never experienced anything like that, I’m home know and i starch and itch all the time and i stay awake at night paranoid something is bitting me..
Please help lead me to the right person who can help me..

I checked in the middle of Sunday night, the next day I went to work got off at 11:03, Monday I slept there and woke up Tuesday the next day itching, I should have left Wednesday but I got out of there, my right hand started swelling, when I came home, the next day, my right hand was swollen, my right leg and arm have been bitten badly, i went to the doctors, they told me my hand has an infection, they gave me some antibiotics, now I have big bite marks on me, I took pictures of my body and have medical papers, stating I’ve been bit by an insect. Do I have a case?

Hi my name is Aaron I am staying in a motel till I find a new place and it’s been two weeks and I have all these bites on my body. I have to told the managers and they gave me a plastic cover for mattress and said they don’t have bed bugs. I have pictures of all the bites on my body and also I don’t have enough money to move to a better place. I have tried different over the counter lotions and it’s just getting worse.

I was attending a engineering conference in Boston, MA and noticed I had Bedbug bites after the first night. I brought it up to management and the moved us to a new room. I only have pictures of my bites. After the visit they had a different company, Sedgwick CMS deal with my claim. Now they are offering me $300 with the request I sign a form that basically takes all liability off of them. They did mention over a phone call that there was no bedbugs found, but there was bed bug activity found. I came to a doctor once I was back home for a different reason and mentioned my Bed bugs, she basically told me benadryl and itch cream, a step I had already taken. Do I have a case worth more than $300?

Look for North Carolina lawyer that can handle my case. .i.was attacked by bed.bugs in.South Carolina Beach at.3 star hotel

I was bitten by bed bugs in Hilton Hotel in California. I not only took pictures of the bed bugs but captured one of them for proof. I didn’t have many bites because I’m a light sleeper (6 in total), but the 6 that I did get had an allergic reaction and they became inflamed, not because I was scratching.

Insurance claim offered me $550 (including $100 for my damaged book bag during treatment AND $40 for meds I bought). Is this enough? I asked for $700 and she said she’ll call me back.

I feel like I’m being low-balled. Please help me. Thank you!

Me and my fiance have been living in the hotel for at least three months now and we’re just now noticing that we have bed bugs. I just found one recently in my bathroom just two days ago and my fiance has been getting bites for the past few weeks. We also have cock roaches crawling all over our beds. The owner of the hotel that we live in does know that this place does have bed bugs but he hasn’t really done anything about it except for spray some sprays that he made himself. Which doesn’t work at all. It makes them scatter all over the room and then they come back within an hour or two. Me and my fiance can’t sleep and we haven’t been for at least a few days because we’re afraid that we might get bitten up by these things. We really need help. And we’re not the only ones at this place

I stay in Hoilday Inn Express in New York City on 1/2 to 1/4 /2017 i got bited by bed bugs.

I stayed at a prominent Hotel and in two nights I sustained close to 1,000 bed bug bites on my entire body, face, legs, ankles, arms, wrists, trunk, torso and face, the injuries festered for a few months with lasting scars and treatment for several months. All I need to do now is wait to see if I contacted Ganges disease. The Hotel knows of it I was transferred in the middle of the night filed a complaint with the health department and a complaint with the state attorney general. What is the worth of the injuries.

Bed bugs make me sick and now they are caussing psychological issues.i feel things crawling on me all the time. But why am i the only one being bitten??? I can only think its because. Certain idividuals. With health. Risks unhealthy blood the bugs know isnt healthy .Especially the Alcoholic people or hepatitis sufferes

I came back to Los Angeles for medical reasons after being sent to Florida for the same. I asked straight out if the hotel (Colonial Inn in Azusa) was clean because my family and I could not afford to get sick. I was ASSURED it was clean. Especially no bed bugs. I had been depending on the VA to help my family and I once I returned to get settled in again and on our feet. However because of loss of my paperwork, they have bailed on me. So we are stranded in this dump until I can get a job on my own and find a place. After we were here a few days, I saw how this place was NOT being taken care of, and thought we had been getting mosquito bites at night. But last night, I felt something hard in the bed, pulled back the sheets and with the flashlight saw two BIG bedbugs. I immediately woke my special need daughter and found several in her bed also. I have bites all up and down both my arms. My daughter has bites all over her. Because of our situation, we are stuck. We each have a service animal, so we cannot go to a shelter. (and because she is an adult child, they want to separate us in a shelter and NOT allow the service animals) But we cannot endure this – what can we do? The manager and owner are slum lords and could care less about the condition of this place as long as they get their money.

I recently encountered those owners and their “inn”. Please connect with me so we can take a stand against them. It is truly a scarring experience no one should have to go through.

My old landlord would come sit at my house for two hours every sunday then one day he said he has bedbugs never in a million years did i think he would end up infesting my furniture i moved by then my stuff was infested i was bite so bad i went into antiflatic shock and now mentally I’m a mess i can’t sleep my light stays on. I had to pay 1000 to a bug man to come heat my house so hot they would die . i had to buy new furniture can i sue my old lanlotd for puttying me through this. Every itch i have i jump . i thought i was going to die please help

We stayed at motel 6 and bed bugs everywhere in the bathroom and the beds. I woke up and saw a couple of bugs crawling in my daughters hair after laying on the bed I didn’t know was infested. Where do I go from here?

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