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Statute of Limitations for Bed Bug Lawsuits – How Long Do I have to Sue

Statute of Limitations for Bed Bug Lawsuits – How Long Do I have to Sue Bed bug infestations and bites a growing concern amongst hotel patrons and apartment complex residence across the country. Victims of bed bug have a certain time period to file a claim against at fault parties for the injuries they have sustained. Failure to file a personal injury civil lawsuit in the court of law within the provided time period will bar a victim from recovery. California Statute of Limitation for Personal Injury Lawsuits: The judicial system of the State of California imposes a two year statute of limitations starting from the date of the injury to file a claim against an at fault party in the court of law. Statute of Limitations Against Government Owned Agencies: Under California law civil claims against government agencies must be filed with the agency in question within six month from the date of the injury. The two year statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits comes into place only when the government agency rejects your claim. Statute of Limitations for Minors Under the Age of 18: Individuals under the age of 18 have two years from the date of their 18th birthday to file a claim against an at fault party in California civil courts. Tolling of the Statute – Exceptions to The Time Limit to File a Lawsuit: In certain situations court will allow for a tolling (or halting) of the time period to file a claim in court. Instances where a tolling of the statutes of limitations has been permitted by California courts include mental of physical incapacitation of the victim, or if the injury did not manifest itself until after the incident took place.

Types of Recovery Available to Victims of Bed Bug Attacks:

  • Individuals suffering from bed bug bites are entitled to monetary compensation for all damages sufferers including
  • All medical and hospitalization expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses including cost of cosmetic surgery to remove keloid scarring caused by bed bug bites
  • Lost wages and loss future income
  • Pain and suffering including the emotional trauma of experiencing bed bug bite across your body
  • Recovery for hotel or motel expenses and rent due to inhospitable conditions in apartment buildings
No Cost Attorney Case Review: Don’t wait before the statute of limitations on your case eliminated your chances for recovery. Our attorneys will be able to guide you through the process every step of the way. To speak with a bed bug attorney regarding your case call (855)385-2529. More Information:

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Were can I find a local bed bug attorney. I have searched on web and all I am finding are attorney in a different state


    You can try your local state bar. They can usually make a good recommendation. If we can be of any further service let us know.


I’m in need of legal representation regarding bedbugs at a Motel 6. I’ve done all the necessary steps but at this point have had no luck in finding a law office to represent me. Please,can you help me? This motel chain should be held accountable. I’ve watched new Motel6 tv commercials and shaking my head in despair. 🙁


My wife and I got bit by bed bugs at least 125 times each at a motel, 1 week later we went to the urgent care and they told us we got bit by an infestation of insects,5 weeks have passed and I have not talked to the hotel manager about the incident, is it to late for me to
File a report with the hotel manager


I bought 6 new beds from Del Sol furniture in Phoenix I live in Tucson AZ and 3 of the similar beds had bed bugs my daughters have bites from and those 3 beds are seperate rooms I am disgusted all my furniture is new and i don’t know what to do

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