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Bed Bugs in Nursing Home Lawsuit | Residential Care Facility Attorney

Bed bugs are a growing problem in nursing homes and elderly care – assisted living centers across the state of California. Each day we get calls from victims of bed bug bites seeking recovery against property owners. In a recent case we were asked to represent an individual who was badly bit at a nursing home or skilled nursing home facility. After reviewing the case we felt strongly about our clients position and have decided to pursue the cause of action. Bed bugs in a nursing homes are serious problem. These conditions if left untreated can cause significant injuries. If a nursing home fails to properly remediate this issue, they will be held liable for injuries sustained. Also, if it is found that they had knowledge of the condition, but failed to correct it then they will be liable for injuries sustained.

Why Bed Bugs in Nursing Homes are Dangerous

Nursing Home Elderly Neglect InformationWhen a nursing home patient gets bed bugs they are more likely to suffer from a subsequent infection. Infections can rapidly spread at nursing homes if left improperly treated. Bed bug bites can develop into rashes and chaff causing bleeding and swelling, which can become infected. These infections can develop into serious issues if not properly cared for. Nursing homes are required to properly inspect and treat for bed bugs found at a facility which they own or operate. Since a number of patients can come in and out of their facilities, it is not uncommon for bed bugs to be found on the property. However, some nursing homes are negligent in the care of their patients and fail to properly safeguard against these conditions. When a nursing homes fail to put into place safeguards and safety measures to correct or remedy these issues they will be considered liable for injuries sustained as a result.

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Liability for Injuries – Can I sue Nursing Home for Bed Bug Bite Infestations

Who is liable for injuries when bed bugs are contracted at a nursing home? A nursing home will be liable when bed bugs are contracted by a patient. Courts will determine whether they had knowledge and whether they took proper precautions when dealing with the issue. “Many facilities will ignore the problem”, says Farid Yaghoubtil attorney with Downtown L.A. Law Group. “They rely on lack of knowledge as a tool. Since many people may not know that the swelling is a bed bug bite, it is easy to get around the issue. In other cases we have seen facilities flat out deny or lie about having any knowledge only to find out they did.” In many cases nursing homes know of this issue since patients are regularly checked on by trained staff, particularly at skilled nursing facilities. These issues are reported by nurses to management, who either abruptly discharges the patient or fails to do anything to correct the issue. In such cases the nursing home will be considered liable for the injuries caused by their negligence.

Steps to Take if Your Loved One has Suffered Bed Bug Bites in a Nursing Home or Elderly Assisted Living Center

Lawsuit Information - Elder Abuse If you or your loved one were bit by bed bugs in a nursing home you need to take the following steps to secure your case. 1. Take photos of your body and where the bites took place; 2. Do not make any statements to the insurance company representing the nursing home; 3. Document all of your losses; 4. Seek immediate medical attention to prevent the spread of infection; 5. Speak to a qualified personal injury attorney to discuss your case.
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