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Boston Scientific Transvaginal Mesh Attorney | Medical Implant Lawsuit

Boston Scientific Transvaginal Mesh Attorney | Medical Implant Lawsuit Boston Scientific (BSC) is an international manufacturer of medical devises headquartered in Natick Massachusetts. Pelvic and vaginal mesh sling products manufactured by Boston Scientific are as follows.
  • Advantage Fit
  • Advantage Sling System
  • Arise
  • Lynx Suprapubic Mid-Urethral Sling System
  • Obtryx Curved Single
  • Obtryx Mesh Sling
  • Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kit
  • Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kit II
  • Polyform Synthetic Mesh
  • Prefyx Mid U Mesh Sling System
  • Prefyx PPS System
  • Solyx
Complications from Vaginal Mesh can be extensive resulting in serious life threatening injuries including (1) Erosion of the Vaginal wall (2) Vaginal Bleeding (3) Pain and Discomfort during sexual intercourse, (4) Rupture of the Bladder (5) General Incontinence, Stress Urinary Incontinence and Bowel Incontinence. If you have suffered any injuries resulting from a Transvaginal Mesh Sling Implantation produced by Boston Scientific Inc. you are entitled to full and just compensation.

Boston Scientific Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Attorney Consultation

Compensation for your injuries is based on several factors including:  (1) All medical costs associated with the defective medical implant (2) Future rehabilitation and medical costs including the cost for the removal the vaginal mesh and ay future surgeries which are required (2) Loss of earning and loss of future earning (3) Pain and Suffering: Victims of vaginal mesh defects suffer excruciating pain and suffering resulting in depression, post traumatic stress, and other forms of medical trauma. (4) Loss of consortium: Inability to engage in sexual intercourse is a major factor in most vaginal mesh injury jury verdicts and settlements If you have suffered from your Transvaginal mesh surgical implant you are entitled to restitution for your damages from the manufacturer of the defective medical device. Transvaginal Mesh Medical Complication Lawsuits: How Can I File a Claim for my Vaginal Mesh Injuries Below are some important steps you should take if you believe you have suffered harm due to a vaginal mesh implant defect.
  1. Contact your physician and get a proper medical opinion and diagnosis
  2. Gather all necessary files including medical information, communications between your physician and other information you have which you feel can be relevant.
  3. Contact a transvaginal mesh attorney. Seeking legal representation is important. Companies responsible for the manufacture and distribution of these products will not settle with you directly. Rather you need an attorney to handle your case and obtain a viable settlement for your injuries.
Statute of Limitations for Filing a Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit: As previously mentioned, a lawsuit against manufacturers of mesh implants are predicated on a product liability caused of action. The statute of limitations for product liability cases differs based on the jurisdiction where the injury took place. For example California places a 2 year limitation for filing a lawsuit, while Florida imposes a 4 year limit. More on transvaginal mesh implant lawsuit statute of limitations here. Downtown LA Law Group is a Personal Injury Law Firm dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals who have suffered harm from defective medical devices and and pharmaceutical drugs. 

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