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American Medical Systems AMS TransVaginal Mesh Implant Lawsuit | Attorney Representation

American Medical Systems is one of the largest producers of Transvaginal Mesh and Vaginal Sling Implants in the United States. If you, a loved one or a relative have post surgical medical complications due to a defective mesh produced and distributed by American Medical Systems contact our defective medical device attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Firm.  Specific Defective Vaginal Mesh Implants produced by American Medical Systems (AMS) Include:
  • Apogee
  • Perigree
  • Mini-arc
  • Monere subfascial hammock
  • Intepro YSling
  • Elevate with Intepro
  • Intexen
  • Bio-Arc
  • Spare
Our goal is to make sure you are justly compensated for the injuries you have suffered from a defective surgical implant.

Transvaginal Mesh Injury Lawsuits Against American Medical System

Law Firm Representing Injured Trans Vaginal Mesh Implant Victms

If you have suffered medical complications due to a Trans-vaginal Mesh Implant produced by AMS contact our Medical Implant Injury Attorneys

Recovery in a Vaginal mesh lawsuit will be based on several factors.  (1) The extend of the physical harm you have suffered (2) Whether there is a need for further corrective surgery including the removal of the implant and other post operative procedures. (3) The Pain and suffering you have endured as a result of the vaginal mesh complications including mental trauma resulting in depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder, (4) Loss of earnings including loss of future earnings, (5) and Loss of Consortium or inability to copulate because of vaginal injuries.

Proving your case in court: How to Win a Trans-Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit in Court

The first step in proving you case in the court of law will the based on the presence of a defect in the medical product. If found to be defective the liable parties not only include the manufactures of the manufactures medical device but also any party that had a stake in the sale and manufacturing of the good. Generally there are three way your attorney can prove a defective product case in court.
  • A Defect in the manufacturing process of the medical implant: Usually based on showing the manufactured goods was significantly different than the original intended design.
  • A Defect in the Design of the Product: Such defects in medical devices and implants can be based on a failure to properly test the design before its entry to the marketplace.
  • Warning or Labeling Defect: In many instances defective products are based on the inability or unwillingness of the product manufactures to warn of the dangers and hazards posed by its use.
Contact the Vaginal Mesh Injury Attorney at the Downtown LA Law Group if You have any further questions regarding your claim.
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