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Spousal Claims Against Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers

Spousal Claims Against Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers Spousal claims are recognized by law and are considered loss of consortium claims. These claims address the loss of intimate contact with your significant other. Complications from a transvaginal mesh implant can prevent any type of physical contact between spouses. In such cases the courts permit an independent claim by the spouse for these types of injuries. These claims cover more than just a physical component, but address a companionship aspect. Mesh implants can have serious complications, which can cause unwanted isolation and distress. If you have been injured read the following article to learn more about your rights.

How can my Husband Recover for a Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

A common question is how can my husband recover? Vaginal mesh implants are an exclusively female surgery, so it would seem uncommon for a male to recover for injuries. However, in these cases it is not recovery for any physical injuries, but for loss of emotional companionship or intimacy. In cases where multiple revision or takedown surgeries have taken place this is more common. When the plaintiff undergoes such surgeries she is generally given bed rest for a sustained period of time. Additionally, other limitations can be requested by the treating surgeon, including limited physical movement or exercise of any kind. If you are in a relationship this can cause the other party to feel isolated and neglected. In certain cases this can place undue strain on the relationship. However, courts will allow for recovery for these types of injuries. While each case is different, the law does recognize recovery for pain and suffering caused by mesh implants.

What is my Spouses Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Worth

Depending on the degree of harm suffered the value of your case can vary. In order to evaluate the case we look at the number of revision surgeries needed as well as the number of future surgeries needed. Each of these are different factors to be considered. Each revision surgery will essentially add to the value of your case. Recent cases have reported settlements over $100,000 for the husband/spouses claim alone. In order to properly qualify the value of the case we will need to know a number of different facts. Each case will be different in regards to its value. Depending on the level of emotional distress and lack of spousal companionship, case value will vary. It is important to keep in mind that the most important element of these cases is treatment. If your spouse has had a mesh implant, she will need to get proper treatment in order to have the device removed. In many cases device removal is not covered under standard medical insurance coverage. Our doctors work on medical lien and will conduct the procedure at no upfront cost to you. How should I pursue my case? To pursue a case against manufacturers of defective medical devices speak with a transvaginal mesh attorney. Our lawyers at Downtown L.A. Law Group review these types of cases nationwide and are happy to help evaluate your case. You should try and keep a journal or notebook discussing the various parts or elements of your case. This will help to document your case. Downtown L.A. Law Group handles transvaginal mesh lawsuits across the U.S., we feel we are the most knowledgeable attorneys in this field and offer a free no obligation, confidential consultation to all of our clients. Call today with any questions you may have (855) 339-8879. More Information:  Statute of Limitations for Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

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