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Should I join a class action lawsuit for Transvaginal Mesh Injuries

Should I join a class action lawsuit for Transvaginal Mesh Injuries Class action lawsuits are legal claims against a defendant by a large group of injured plaintiffs that have a similar cause of action against the party being sued. Different jurisdictions in the U.S. will have differing procedural statutes delinting who can join a class action claim. There are plenty of attorneys seeking to file class action lawsuits on behalf of a class of injured parties due to vaginal mesh defects. Class action lawsuits essentially join a number of injured parties together and aggregate their claims and injuries. However, with class action lawsuits injured parties rarely receive a sizable benefit. Why? Because after attorney fees are calculated and each class member is paid out, you will receive a fractional share. If you have been a notice of class action you should speak with an attorney in order to “opt out” of the settlement. This is your right to do so and you are not required to join the class. However, if you do not act to opt-out, then you will be included in any settlement awarded and will not be entitled to bring another cause of action for your injuries. Downtown L.A. Law can help with your bladder sling or transvaginal mesh injuries. Contact our offices for a free consultation. If you need a second opinion we can provide one at absolutely no cost. Our fees are entirely contingency based, so if we don’t recovery you don’t pay.
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