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Can I sue if I was driving with a suspended license and involved in an accident?

Can I sue if I was driving with a suspended license and involved in an accident? We often get calls from clients who were involved in a car accident and were driving with a suspended license. Many want to know whether you can still sue or pursue a claim for damages even if you did not have a valid or suspended drivers license. Under California law you WILL be able to recover. However, be aware that insurance companies will try and use that fact as leverage to limit the award or recovery. Although, this will have little to no significance on your case. The fact that you were driving without a license is not cause to deny a claim for injuries. If you were involved in a car accident and have a suspended license know your rights.

Does Driving With a Suspended License Mean I Have No Case?

You will still be permitted to file a lawsuit or file your claim with the insurance company even if you do not have a valid driver’s license. Not having a valid driver’s does not automatically put you at fault for the accident. Insurance companies will routinely make you believe that and try and settle your claim for pennies on the dollar. However, this is not accurate and it is not the law. Not having a valid driver’s license does not place you at fault. Fault is usually determined by the negligent behavior of the parties. Driving without a license does not mean you are at fault. However a certain degree of contributory negligence may apply. Contributory negligence is essentially a division of fault. However, you can argue around this issue. Make sure you are aware of your rights. If you have injuries there is no reason why you should not pursue your case. So many times injures parties ignore their injuries and fail to pursue a claim only to be left with permanent injuries. At fault drivers will be responsible for your injuries. If you were injured contact our offices a free and confidential evaluation of your case.

After My Accident, What Should I Do?

After an automobile accident you will likely get a call from your own insurance company and the other parties insurance company. Why are they calling you? Primarily to get a statement. Statements are almost always recorded and used adversarial or against you in legal proceedings. These statements will be used to ultimately limit or deny your claim. Do I have to make a statement? NO! You are not required to make a statement to the other parties insurance company. However, you will have to make a statement to your own insurance company. Make sure you seek medical treatment for your injuries. Many times injuries can be serious after a car accident. In such cases you should visit your primary care physician or doctor to discuss your injuries. Attorney Representation: You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for a free case evaluation at no cost by calling toll free (855)385-2529.


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I was in a car accident.rear ended. I am really sore with neck and shoulder pain but My insurance lapses and am not currently insured . Please advise my options thank you Laura


I was driving my friend guy truck and had a wreck on the interstate I hurt my arm and my back has been bothering me I had to hit a concrete wall because a car jumped in front of me and slammed on their brakes so I had to slam on my brakes causing the SUV to spin out of control I was taking to the hospital by an ambulance a officer arrived a d ask me to write down what happened and later informed me my licence was suspended .

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