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Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit Claim Against Homeowners Insurance

Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit Claim Against Homeowners Insurance Dog bites account for over one third of all home insurance claim settlements and recoveries.  Based upon data from the home owner’s insurance survey, an estimated $500 million dollars per year is paid by property owner insurance companies for Dog Bites, Animal Attacks and Dog Mauling across the state of California. As such, in recent years many home owners insurance companies have created carve out provision in their insurance policies specifically eliminating any financial burden for dog bite claims brought forth by victims against the home owner.  There are several ways in which insurance companies have been able to achieve this goal.  (1) Carving out specific Dog Breed from their insurance coverage; usually breeds statistically found to present a higher probability of harm including Pitt Bulls, Doberman Pinchers, Akita’s, and Rottweiler’s. (2) Taking a more drastic measure of carving out the entire coverage for all animal attacks including dog bite, dog attacks, wild animal attacks and so forth. However the vast majority of home owner’s insurance policies still cover dog attacks against innocent victims.  The amount and specific type of coverage is based on the specific policy at hand and other important variables such as the (1) the place of the injury  (2) the reason for the harm (3) the individual who was attacked  (4) the severity of the injury and (5) the specific breed of dog. Here at the Downtown LA Law Group we have seen insurance coverage for dog bite claims range from as little as $25,000 on coverage to Millions of dollars in coverage.  Before commencing any legal remedy for your injuries it is vital that you speak with a trusted and experience dog bite attorney who will be able to determine the range of coverage based on the specifics of your case and determine the optimum legal course of action so that you are gully and justly compensated for your damages. Compensation for your dog bite injuries is usually based on several factors including
  • Medical Costs including hospitalization and emergency room visits
  • Future medical costs and prescription drug costs
  • Los Wages and Future loss of income
  • Permanence of scarring and disfigurement on the face and body
  • Pain and Suffering including Emotional Distress and Pain and suffering
  • Property Damage
  • Punitive Damages – where possible based on the circumstances of your claim
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