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Chihuahua Bites Mail Man: Designated Dangerous Dog by Authorities

Chihuahua Bites Mail Man: Designated Dangerous Dog by Authorities Dog bites are one of the most numerous types of personal injury. The most dangerous dog breeds are usually midsized and large breeds like Pit-bulls Rottweiler’s and Akita’s. So it came as a great surprise for many when a three pound Chihuahua was designated a ‘Dangerous dog’ by authorities in the Canadian city of Windsor Ontario this week. There is no word yet on the extent of the injuries caused by the dog attack or whether the mailman dog bite victim has hired a dog bite lawyer. Based on news and police reports in late August of this year a mail man was bitten by a three pound Chihuahua named Molly.  Afterwards, the dog, who can easily fit into her owners purse, was given the designation of a dangerous dog. According the Ontario animal licensing division dogs designated with that label are required to wear a muzzle, be on a leash at all times display a warning sign in their property stating a dangerous dog is present in the home, and carry a one million dollar insurance policy in the event of a another dog attack. Such laws and regulations are created to protect individuals from larger breeds which can inflict devastating dog bite injuries on unsuspecting victims.

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