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84 Year Old Woman Mauled Pit Bull’s Jurupa Valley Riverside

84 Year Old Woman Mauled Pit Bull’s Jurupa Valley Riverside Another tragic report of a 84 year old woman suffering from serious injuries after being mauled by pit bulls who escaped from their owners home. Reports indicate that a 84 year old woman was mauled in Jarupa Valley in California after the two pit bulls escaped by digging under the fence of their owners home. The woman is considered to be in critical condition after the injuries. Pit bull attacks are can inflict serious injuries. In certain cases they can cause nerve damage, disfigurement or death. If you are unable to properly fend off the pit bulls devastating injuries case result. Homeowners are required to take measures to protect pedestrians from vicious dogs such as pit bulls. Some dogs have the ability to escape from fenced facilities. As a result homeowners are charged with the duty to prevent this from happening. When they know of the dogs danger to attack, they need to make sure the property is well secured. Pit bull attacks are some of the most dangerous types of dog attacks because of the aggression and bite capabilities of these dogs. When a pedestrian or innocent party is attacked they often forced to deal with some serious injuries. What are your thoughts on this? Are these dogs naturally more dangerous? Or are the homeowners responsible?

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