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Hit and Run Bicycle Accidents – Can I Still Recover for My Injuries

Hit and Run Bicycle Accidents – Can I Still Recover for My Injuries Unfortunately if you ride a bicycle in California there is a possibility that you will be involved in a bicycle accident. In such cases, you are hopeful that the at fault party will stop and render assistance, but what if he does not? What happens if the driver runs away and leaves you injured or with a permanent injury? If you have been a victim of a hit and run accident there are options you can pursue.

Uninsured Motorist Coverag Can Be Used to Receive Financial Recovery for Your Injuries

If you have a certain type of automobile coverage, you will be able to pursue a claim for damages. How? In cases where the party is involved in a hit and run accident and a police report is filed, it is possible to use your uninsured motorist coverage for recovery. Yes, you can use your automobile coverage to cover you in a bicycle accident when it is a hit and run. It is possible to also use the automobile accident coverage when the insurance amount is a minimum policy. This can be done when you have under-insured motorist coverage. In order to qualify or to use this type of coverage you need to have the case set up the right way. Make sure you make no statements until you  have a chance to speak with an attorney about the accident and how it happened.

Common Injuries in Bicycle v Auto Accidents

From my experience I have always seen significant damage from a bicycle accident claim. Why? Because bicyclist are not protected, they are left vulnerable to the impact from a vehicle. Additionally, many bicycle accident injuries are “surprise hits”, where the injured party is not particularly aware of the accident until after it happens. As a result they are not prepared to absorb or amortize the impact, often times increasing the injuries sustained. Common injuries include spinal cord injuries, head trauma, significant neck and back injuries and other bodily harm. If you have been injured seek immediate medical attention for your injuries and make sure you are properly protected.

Do My Insurance Rates Change If I File a Uninsured Motorist Claim

In short NO. Your insurance rates will not change if you file a uninsured motorist claim in California. Insurance companies sell you uninsured motorist coverage to protect you from such claims. When you have a party who is uninsured and flees the scene of an accident you can file a claim with your OWN insurance. However, this is contingent upon you actually having that type of coverage available. Insurance companies provide this coverage to protect you and cannot increase your rates for taking advantage of a service they are providing. However, in order for the claim to be filed correctly you must follow certain procedures. Make sure you speak with an attorney about this prior to filing a claim for damages. More Information: Bicycle Accident Laws

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