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Tow Truck Driver Ronald Carver Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver

Tow Truck Driver Ronald Carver Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver Ronald Carver a 45 year old tow truck driver working for Platinum Towing was killed when he was hit by a drunk driver on the PCH.  Apparently the vehicle that caused the accident flipped and was attempting to flee the scene before the accident took place. Police are charging the driver of the vehicle with vehicular manslaughter charges after the accident. Reports indicate that the driver, Jill Rose was transported to UCLA Medical Center for her injuries. It was reported that she had brain hemorrhage, however whether the hemorrhaging occurred before or after the accident is unclear. In such cases people can become unconscious while they are driving causing them to lose control of the vehicle. Investigators have reported that the driver of the vehicle had a history of opiate abuse and that intoxication may have been a factor in the accident. Although it is not clear at this time what the sole purpose of the accident was and will not be available until the traffic collision report is reviewed. Hit and run fatalities are common along the PCH, which stretches across California’s scenic beaches. This is the most recent report of a tow truck accident fatality. Tow truck drivers have extremely dangerous jobs says senior partner Daniel Azizi. They are often exposed to horrible traffic conditions and dispatched at all hours of the night to deal with pickups. Unfortunately the hour of dispatch is when most drivers are un-attentive or under the influence.
It is possible for Mr. Carver’s family to pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver of the vehicle. However, it may be that no insurance coverage is available. In such cases the family may pursue alternative means of recovery. If you have been injured contact the law offices of Downtown L.A. Law for a free case evaluation.

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