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Summer Camp Injury Attorney | Accidents Physical and Sexual Abuse Liability Lawyer

Summer Camp Sexual Abuse and Accident Lawyer Summer Camps are a place where our children learn to appreciate the outdoors, learn exiting new activities, build lasting friendships and unforgivable memories.  However, summer-camps and day camps can be dangerous environment resulting in serious injuries inflicted on our children. If you have any questions regarding a possible lawsuit against a summer camp contact our personal injury attorneys for a free case evaluation.

Some of the most common dangers and corresponding injuries in summer camps are as follows:

Summer Camp Injury Attorney | Accidents Physical and Sexual Abuse Liability LawyerSwimming Pool and Water Sports Hazards – Resulting in Drowning, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and Broken Bones.  In other instances lifeguard are not on duty when they should be resulting in drowning. Slip and Fall Hazards – Resulting from failure to maintain clean and dry floors in summer camp facilities.
Amusement Park Sexual Assault
Summer Camp Food Poising and Food Bore Illness – Resulting from unsanitary cafeteria and cooking kitchens, infected and expire food, improper cooking time. Sexual Assault –  All too often children become the victims of child molesters in summer camps.  Such individuals prey on the young.
Sexual abuse – on the rise or more noticeable?
Physical Abuse – In many instances camp operators, managers, and staff engage in physical abuse of summer camps children Failure to Properly Conduct First Aid – In many situations summer camp operators fail to properly treat injured parties worsening preexisting conditions such as asthma and diabetes. – Amusement Park Sexual Assault AttorneyWater Park AccidentsTheme Park Ride Injury LawyerKnotts Berry Farm Accident attorney Infections and Bed Bug Infestations – Due to poor maintenance and cleanup many summer camp rooms and boards are infested with bed bugs resulting in severe infections. Bus Accident – Summer Camp bus accidents can be caused by driver negligence, inattentive driving of failure to properly maintain the vehicle. Summer Camp Fires – fire’s pose a serious concern in summer camps.  Owners and operators of summer camps owe a duty to protect children from burn injuries. Other injuries include:  Horseback riding accident injuries, rock-climbing accident injuries, burn injuries, cuts and bruises, and facial lacerations. Compensation for injuries in summer camps can be bases on different factors including:
  • Hospital Costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Duration and Permanence of injuries
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Punitive damages – where possible

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Our personal injury attorney have one goal in mind; to provide you with the best legal representation possible so that your child can be compensated for the injuries suffered due to the negligent and intentional conduct of camp counselors, summer camp owners and staff. If your child has sustained injuries or has been sexually abuses in a summer cam contact our office today.
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