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Sexual abuse – on the rise or more noticeable?

Sexual abuse – on the rise or more noticeable? School sexual abuse cases are either on the rise, or just becoming more noticeable. Recent cases at Penn State, the Catholic Church and today’s charges against Mike Rios raise serious concerns. Mr. Rios a school board member at Moreno Valley is facing charges, for crimes including attempted murder and pimping. Penn State faces heavy fines in order to keep their athletic program going and for the issues surrounding sexual abuse. Penn State could have likely avoided the heavy penalties, tarnished reputations and emotional trauma suffered by individuals. In comparison the Moreno Valley School Board should consider the possible legal ramifications in the event these allegations against Mr. Rios are found to be true.
Nursing Home Sexual Assault
Institutions are liable in instances where they had knowledge of particular facts, but failed to act. Schools can be held liable when they fail to take proper actions. Instances of bullying, rape, abuse and personal injury can hold a school liable.
Hotel Sexual Assault
Downtown L.A. Law deals with cases of school abuse, slip and falls and bullying. Parents are often times frustrated when they have to deal with uncooperative administrators. Many times parents fail to notify officials or other parents, in order to avoid further abuse, embarrassment or harassment. Parents or guardians must be aware of the psychological scarring caused by these episodes. Generally legal consequences are the only method for reform. Schools and administrators will not alter or add to their existing policies, without the threat of legal action.
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If your child has been a victim of abuse whether it is bullying, physical or sexual contact the attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law for a free case evaluation.
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