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Massage Parlor Infections | Spa Infections

Massage parlors are common gathering areas where men and women frequent in order to relax and unwind. However, many such establishments in Southern California fail to meet the minimum standard requirements required by the Health and Safety Commission.Attroney Representing Victims of Unsanitary Spa's and Massage Parlors Massage parlors or day spas that fail to meet the minimum health requirements patrons can suffer serious skin, face and bodily infections, which require medical treatment and care. If you have received an infection or been injured after frequenting or visiting a massage parlor or spa in Southern California or Los Angeles, contact Downtown LA Law for a free case evaluation. Our firm will aggressively work to procure maximum recovery for your injuries.

Massage Parlor and Day Spa Infections

Massage parlors and day spas can house a number of dangerous bacteria. When operators of such establishments fail to keep the massage chairs, mats, lockers, showers or other commonly used areas clean infections can occur. Generally, infections are limited to skin related or fungus related injuries caused by a failure to properly clean or maintain the facilities. Such infections can be moderate to serious and can include the spread of certain sexually transmitted diseases. If you have recently obtained such an infection call our massage attorneys at Downtown LA Law. Our Los Angeles spa infection attorneys can help with your recovery.

What to Do After Exposure or Infection

It is necessary to document your case in order to establish that the establishment in question was responsible for your harm. Documentation including any and all receipts, names of other persons present, location of the incident, photographs of your condition and other valuable information is necessary to further your case. The following information should be preserved as evidence:
  • Seek medical attention, often times such infections can be cured with immediate medical attention;
  • Obtain the name of establishment;
  • Write down the address;
  • Take note of any names  including other customers, the acting masseuse or employees;
  • All receipts which document your visit to establishment, including cash or credit card receipts;
  • Any and all statements made by employees regarding the establishment should also be recorded while they are fresh in your memory.
While this is not a tentative list it does include some of the more important information needed. Our offices will help with obtaining other important information including past incident reports, insurance policy information and related information. It is important that the attorney you select understand the operation of such establishment in order to help you achieve the highest recovery.

 Types of Infections or Injuries

Spa and Massage injuries are primarily divided into two categories. They include injuries obtained from the spread of infection and injuries from improper care by the masseuse. Common injuries include;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Spinal cord injury;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Fungal infections;
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease;
  • Herpes;
  • Salmonella;
  • Eye infections;
  • Ear infections.
Generally STD’s are caused by the use of infected equipment or acquired due to the negligence of your masseuse. Such transmissions occur if the practitioner or operator fails to take proper steps to prevent the spread of disease including wearing proper hand and eye protection. Other sexually transmitted diseases including herpes can spread if the mats, towels or other amenities are not properly cleansed or cleaned by the establishment. If a STD is transmitted or other infection is obtained the operator can be held liable for negligence and you may be entitled to recovery.

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