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Barber Shop Injuries Attorney | Hairdresser Salon Accident Lawyers

Barber shops or salons are highly trafficked establishment, often seeing hundreds of customers on a daily basis. Some hair cutting chains like Supercuts, Fantastic Sam’, Pro-cuts, and Knockouts Haircuts   have become very profitable businesses serving thousands of clients daily. However, such establishments can often cause or exacerbate existing medical or health conditions. If you have suffered injury as a result of visiting a barber shop or salon, contact our salon accident attorneys our barber shop accident attorneys can help. No fee guarantee unless we recover. California law requires that beauticians be properly licensed and complete the required amount of training. An individual who obtains the services of a barbershop or cosmetology establishment can bring forth a cause of action for injuries suffered in a negligent manner, which causes injury to the patron. However, such damages can be minimized, reduced or deducted when the patron fails to take remedial measures to avoid continued harm after suffering the injury. It is important to consult with a trained attorney in order to determine your rights.

Types of Injuries due to Barber or Hairstylist Negligence

Barbershops can cause a number of different injuries including:
  • Serious infections;
  • Allergic reactions from failure to conduct a patch test;
  • Serious cuts, amputations from the use of equipment;
  • Sexually transmitted disease from failure to warn or properly sanitizing equipment;
  • Burns from the use of faulty equipment;
  • Hair loss due to permanent wave
  • Scalp infections due to unsanitary conditions or use of untested hair products
These can be serious injuries and require immediate medical attention. Our offices will help by providing you the best doctors, allergist, immunologist, pathologist and other required professionals on medical lien. Medical lien allows for your visitation cost to doctors to be placed on hold until the disposition of your case. With the use of a medical lien your medical cost will be tolled until a proper settlement is negotiated at which point the doctor fees will be paid from your settlement.

Injury Claim against Hairstylists: Barbershop Liability

Liability can be found when the barbershop fails to exercise the necessary level of care in order to avoid injuries. Generally such establishments can be found negligent when sufficient standards of care are not met. If the barbershop or salon fails to meet such standards of care required then a finding of negligence is possible. It is required that employees and staff have proper training to avoid harm or injuries to their staff. If you have been injured contact our offices at Downtown L.A. Law Group for a free case evaluation.
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