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Church Priest Sexual Abuse Attorney | Clergy Child Abuse Lawsuit

Church Abuse AttorneyWe expect that our children are in good hands when we leave them in the care of seemingly honorable organizations such the church or Boy Scouts of America.  However, the horrific truth is that sometimes, the individuals put in charge of our children, such as priests and counselors commit heinous crimes against the kids we trust them with.  These crimes include sexual molestation, abuse as well as lewd and offensive conduct.  Most concerning is that the organizations in charge of these criminals deny any responsibility or wrongdoing, claiming that they owe no duty to these victimized children.  These religious and social organizations could include:
  • Catholic Church
  • Mormon Church
  • Methodists
  • Pentecostals
  • Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Evangelicals
  • Boy Scouts of America
Time and again, courts have concluded that these organizations are liable for the misconduct of their representatives.

Standing Up Against Abuse

The attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law Group understand that it is not always easy for adult and child victims of sexual abuse or misconduct to come forward.  The abuse extolled by religious authority figures (such as priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, and nuns) or counselors can leave damaging emotional scars that last a lifetime.  Often times, these abusers engage in systematic mental oppression that creates fear among the victim.  We have also found that many victims never speak out for fear of backlash or a social stigma that might accompany a complaint. At times, these powerful organizations attempt to conceal their crimes by threatening their victims.  However, we have found that victims of abuse feel a sense of liberation and freedom  for standing up against these predators.  Survivors of sexual molestation often know that their acts may go a long way in preventing future criminal acts against innocent children. Our lawyers understand the fragile nature that accompanies these types of cases.  We know that it is not only our job to ensure that these organizations receive the justice they deserve, but to also make to process as painless and comfortable as possible.  We also know that not all victims want to file lawsuits.  Please feel free to call us, even if all you are looking for is advice.  It would truly be an honor to learn about your case, and we will never charge you to speak to an attorney.

Effects of Clergy, Priest and Boy Scout Sexual Abuse

Victims of sexual abuse often experience life altering consequences as a result of the cruelty they experience as children.  These innocent children experience longstanding emotional, psychological and spiritual effects that can effect almost every aspect of their lives. Casualties of abuse are known to suffer from: Severe emotional distress -which can affect their personal relationships and ability to work.  Victims of childhood sexual abuse have displayed problems with authority and other issues that hinder their career advancement.
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Humiliation
  • Grief, shock, indignity
  • Physical pain
  • Sexual dysfunction and sexual identity issues
  • Alcoholism – generally affects every aspect of the victims life and may lead to violence and cause or exacerbate the consequences mentioned above.

Our Attorneys Fight Against Church and Organization Abuse

Most of the time, the organizations in charge of these sexual predators do not want to shoulder the blame.  They are massive entities who will fight at all cost to clear their name.  We want nothing more than to stop the continuation of these crimes, and to make sure you receive the compensation you warrant.  Most importantly, we keep all communication discreet and will never pressure you into making a decision.
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