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Sex Hazing Scandal Rocks La Puente High School Soccer Team

Sex Hazing Scandal Rocks La Puente High School Soccer Team Police detectives and investigating alleged sexual hazing incidents in La Puente High School.  La Puente is a small city of some 40,000 approximately 20 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles, in the San Gabriel Valley.  La Puente high school was established in 1915 and has an estimated  1800 enrolled students. According to investigators the alleged sexual hazing of freshmen players from the men’s soccer team took place several weeks ago. Objects were used to sodomize the 14 and 15 year old freshmen entrants into the soccer team which resulted in at least one student being hospitalized for his sexual hazing injuries.
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School Liability for Sexual Hazing: A key question that is running through the heads of the parents of sexual hazing victims is whether the school is liable for such acts. The answer to the question based on several factors which have to fully investigated and analyzed.
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Below are some important pieces of evidence that can be used to prove school liability for sex crimes:
  • Was a school official or coach present during the hazing incident
  • Did the school have prior notice of the incident
  • Was there consent given by school staff or officials
  • Did the school have a duty to prevent the hazing from taking place
  • Did the hazing take place on school property
  • Did school officials fail to notify parents and laws enforcement of the incident
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