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Top 10 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

So are you thinking what are top causes of a motorcycle accident are? We had a chance to sit down with Downtown L.A. Law motorcycle attorney Farid Yaghoubtil and discuss the most common causes of a motorcycle accident. Here is what he had to say. MOTORCYCLE DEFECTS Well in my opinion the 10th most common cause of a motorcycle accident is defective motorcycles. A defective motorcycle is one that has a manufacturing or design defect. This can fuel line issues or brake line issues. Or it can be a defect in a steering mechanism on the bike. These are not readily known by riders. In fact many riders are unaware of certain defects until a recall is issued. Measuring the Value of Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit A manufacturing defect will subject the manufacturer and other retailers liable if an injury occurs. Liability will be imposed under product liability laws. However what is difficult about these cases is proving that the defect existed. This can require expert evaluation to determine the cause of the cause of the accident. DANGEROUS ROAD CONDITIONS Road conditions are a cause of some of the more devastating injuries. Dangerous Road conditions include pot holes, wet roads or adverse weather conditions. Drivers of motorcycles and other cars may not be aware just how dangerous these weather conditions can be. Pot holes are defective roads are a common cause of accidents. Motorcycles are very susceptible to pot holes. If they are traveling at speeds in excess of 35 MPH even a minor pot hole can be dangerous. These potholes can disrupt the flow of the rider and cause them to crash. Other road hazards can include wet or slick roads. These conditions are prime for a rear end motorcycle accident causing significant damage. LEFT TURN ACCIDENTS A left turn either by a rider or other driver is another cause of accidents. Motorcyclist who make a left turn and are hit by speeding vehicles are left with devastating injuries. In other cases cars make a left turn in front of a rider traveling straight. Who has the right of way? This depends entirely on the facts. Often times we will look at police reports, speak to witnesses and many other factors. These cases can turn on the most minor facts. It is required that a complete investigation be conducted in order to determine fault and assess the extent of liability. INEXPERIENCED DRIVERS An inexperienced driver is the worst type of drivers. So many motorcyclist are injured not because of their fault, but because of the fault of others, particularly inexperienced drivers. When a driver fails to recognize a rider right of way they can be the cause of the accident. However, most insurance companies will hold the motorcycle rider at fault. In my opinion there are two reasons for this, first they are aware that motorcyclist are prejudiced, second motorcycle injuries have serious injuries. These injuries make a motorcycle claim a high level case. Therefore, insurance companies will work to minimize the extent of your damages. SUDDEN STOP ACCIDENTS | REAR END ACCIDENTS Unlike a vehicle, motorcycles are not given the same type of protection, thus a rear end accident can be devastating. When a motorcycle is rear ended it can leave the rider with significant injuries. Cars can crush or run-over a motorcycle leaving the rider with massive injuries. Generally these injuries can include back, neck and head injuries. In other cases they can cause death or significant brain injuries. If you have been injured contact a motorcycle accident attorney for your rights. LANE SPLITTING Lane splitting is not illegal or prohibited in California. In fact the law is not even clear with regards to whether lane splitting is permitted. Yet every year countless accidents take place from lane splitting accidents. Lane splitting is when a rider goes in-between two vehicles and essentially splits the lane. While this is considered dangerous it is commonly practiced. However due to un-skilled motorist riders are injured because of these types of accidents. DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE Without question this is dangerous. Whether it is other motorist or riders, anytime you get behind the wheel of  any vehicle while intoxicated, bad things can happen. Drinking impairs your ability to operate a vehicle and can cause injury to both all parties involved. SPEEDING Of all the factors contributing to accidents annually speeding is by far the worst. When you speed you fail to notice other motorist. To make matters worse when hit a motorcycle while speeding the damage caused by the impact can be significant. As a result the rider is left in extremely critical care.

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