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Motorcycle Passenger Accident Attorney | Can I Sue | Lawsuit Information

We read so many articles online that address motorcycle accidents, but we rarely see anything on motorcycle passengers. Often times passengers in a motorcycle accident are injured to the same extent or greater than the operator. In such cases those passengers will be permitted to pursue a claim against the operators insurance policy for injuries. Fore further information visit our motorcycle accident legal guide here. Motorcycle Passenger Accident Attorney - Can I Sue

Liability for Passenger Injury in Motorcycle Accidents – Who Can A Passenger Sue

Motorcycle accidents are either single vehicle accidents or caused by another vehicle. However, as a passenger you cannot be liable for the injuries sustained. So the question is often who is financially liable for the injuries sustained? Who is liable for the physical and emotional damage suffered by you? After an accident medical bills can start piling up fast. These bills should not be the responsibility of the passenger. However, often times because passengers are not aware of how the financial responsibility element of a claim works, they fail to pursue a claim for damages. Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit - Attorney RepresentationSo how does financial responsibility work on these types of cases? If you were injured because of another vehicle, you will pursue a claim against the at fault parties insurance. If your injuries exceed the policy limits, then you can include the insurance of the motorcycle operator and your own insurance coverage. Pursuing a claim for damages is generally against the insurance companies or insurance carrier. Any recovery is generally paid from the insurance company and not the individual. Thus, the financial responsibility for your claim is against the insurance company who will be responsible for your injuries, medical bills, loss of income and pain and suffering.

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Recovery for Lost of Wages – And Loss of Future Income

Often times after a motorcycle accident a passenger will be unable to return to work for a long period of time. This is often referred to as loss of income or loss of wages. You are permitted to include loss of wages and income into your claim for recovery. In other words loss of income is actually considered a compensable or recoverable claim. If you have been injured it is important to seek recovery for all of your injuries. Our offices work to maximize your case and procure the highest results for your injuries. It is our job to make sure the medical records clearly illustrate your injuries and recover for such injuries.

Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Unlike regular accidents, motorcycle accidents require special attention to each case. Our firm makes sure to seek recovery from all angles and ensure that you are properly compensated. We do not settle with insurance companies and aggressively pursue your claim for damages. If you have been injured know your rights and seek legal representation. Do not let insurance companies force you into a quick settlement or delay the case using common tactics. Fight for your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

Three Steps To Follow for Passengers Injured in Motorcycle Accidents

These are three important steps for a motorcycle passenger accident to take after an accident.
  1. Get medical treatment for your injuries. DO NOT delay getting medical treatment.
  2. Exchange or obtain the insurance information for all parties at fault. If you were transported to the hospital, chances are a police report was taken. Get a copy of that report.
  3. Speak to an attorney about your rights. Speak to an attorney before making any statements to the insurance companies. These statements are often recorded and can hurt your case, regardless of what you say.
If you have been hurt make sure you seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Our office handles cases dealing with motorcycle accidents and motorcycle passenger accidents. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.
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