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Reactivating Your Uber Account

reactivating your uber account dtla

Uber is one of the largest rideshare companies in the world. Hundreds of thousands of drivers have transported millions of people for a decade, but not all trips have gone smoothly and without incident. There have been various accidents ad situations that resulted in people getting injured – from drivers and workers to riders and guests to other drivers and pedestrians on the street. In the wake of accidents, Uber may choose to deactivate the driver’s account and lock him out of transporting anyone for a period of time. These lock outs may be indefinite depending on the context of the situation, the fault of the driver, and much more. If your Uber account was locked or if you want to know more about reactivating your Uber account, you can contact the Downtown LA Law Group today. We’ll inform you about the inner workings of Uber’s process, and if you feel the need to take legal action, we will readily assist you.

Reasons for Uber Deactivation

Uber deactivation can occur for various reasons. One of the most common is simply getting into an accident for which you are at fault, especially if you end up costing the company a large amount of money in an insurance settlement. They may not want to take the risk of insuring you and allowing you to potentially endanger others anymore, and they could opt to cancel your account. Some of the reasons for Uber deactivation include:

  • Personal Documents Expired: It is possible that your personal auto insurance policy could have lapsed or been canceled, or your driver’s license could have expired without you renewing it. If Uber recognizes that your document is expired, it will deactivate your account.
  • Cancellation Abuse: You may habitually cancel rides, which is also known as skipping. You could potentially cancel rides because you want to end a shift or because you do not want to make a trip to a specific area. If you cancel excessively, you’ll be deactivated.
  • Unsafe Driving or Reckless Driving: You may speed, run red lights, tailgate, or put others in danger in some manner when transporting a passenger. Passengers can report unsafe driving or feelings of fear, which could result in your deactivation.
  • Low Ratings: Your star rating should be at or above 4.6 starts. If it has decreased past that point, then you’ll likely be deactivated. It is important to understand that Uber does inform you about these potential drops in rating, so you should always make sure to address the issue by leaving messages with your passengers, creating enjoyable environments, and more.
  • Failing a Background Check: Background checks can be re-administered to be more thorough, or a different agency can be used. Uber’s yearly checks will let them see any legal issues you are engaged in, which can result in your account being suspended.
  • Unwanted Contact: Some Uber drivers try to contact individuals after the ride, whether to solicit dates, ask questions, harass them, and more. It is prohibited for Uber drivers to contact passengers after, as it is an invasion of privacy.
  • Driving with Another Individual: Other passengers who are not Uber customers cannot be present in the vehicle. If an Uber passenger gets in and notices that you are driving with a friend, you could be reported, and your account may get disabled.
  • Serious Complaints: Some complaints are serious in nature, such as those involving physical assault, sexual assault, theft, discrimination, and more. You likely will be permanently deactivated if this occurs.
  • Code of Conduct Violation: You should thoroughly read Uber’s code of conduct to understand what is appropriate and what is prohibited. You may not be drinking and driving, for example, or using drugs in the vehicle. You must always obey traffic laws. If there are any violations, you could suffer deactivation.
  • Fraudulent Activity: You cannot steal from passengers or try to defraud Uber, such as by asking customers to pay in cash.
  • Information Issues: You should not let anyone use your account, nor should you provide false details about your background, vehicle, and more. If someone is driving your car during an Uber trip, you may be deactivated.
  • Terms of Service Violation: Similar to the code of conduct, the terms of service outline what is legal, what you can do while driving for Uber, and more. Violations can easily result in full deactivation.

You will get some kind of message when your account has been disabled or deactivated. Examples include “The partner account you drive under has been disabled” or “Your account has been placed on hold.”

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Reactivating your Uber Account

We often receive a lot of questions from drivers who have been deactivated and wish to return to their jobs. Examples of the questions we get asked are:

  • How do I reactivate my Uber account after an accident?
  • How to reactivate my Uber account when it was suspended after an accident?
  • How long do I have to wait until my Uber account is re-activated after an accident?
  • How long is my Uber account de-activated after an accident?

The most important aspect of reactivating is understanding that you should be respectful and polite to any representative, simply because they can choose not to reactivate you if you show a problem. Further, depending on the reason for deactivation, you will have to follow a specific procedure. For example, if your documents expired, simply renew them and upload proof.

If you were in accidents or your safety level was in question, you can take Uber-sponsored courses and receive a certificate that you can upload. For any other violations, you will need to contact the company or go to a hub for remediation.

Traffic accidents should always be dealt with, and if your license is suspended, you should go through the necessary channels and probation to get it renewed.

Some situations will not result in reactivation, such as those involving serious complaints or fraud.

Important Uber Insurance Information

Uber’s insurance policy dictates that you will be covered from the time you turn on the app to the time you turn it off. While the app is on but you have not accepted a ride, your coverage is $50,000 in bodily injury per person, $100,000 in bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 in property damage per accident. When you accept a ride, the policy increases to $1,000,000 third-party liability, Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury, and contingent comprehensive and collision (with a $1,000 deductible).

If you were in an Uber accident that resulted in a lot of damages, you could potentially receive a large settlement. However, if a long, drawn out battle with Uber does occur, you may find yourself released from the program, as you could present an accident risk.

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Compensation from Uber Accidents

If you were injured in an Uber accident, you may find it difficult to contact the company due to a locked account. Our goal is to ensure that your account is reactivated and that you are given the fairest compensation available for your damages. We’ll strive to win you the following coverage:

  • Medical bills and expenses from the past and future for surgery costs, hospitalization, specialist fees, medication and drugs, physical therapy sessions, and more
  • Lost income if you were unable to return to work to earn wages during the time you were deactivated or injured, as well as future lost income if you could not work due to medical treatments or recovery time
  • Property damage for anything that was broken or must be fixed due to the incident, such as mechanic’s fees and replacement of personal items and belongings
  • Pain and suffering damages for mental trauma, emotional scarring, PTSD, fear, anxiety, and more
  • Wrongful death damages if a loved one or family member died in the incident, which could include funeral and burial fees, pre-death medical bills, pre-death pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of inheritance and savings, and more
  • Punitive damages if the defendant acted with gross negligence or the intent to cause harm, but these damages are often viewed as excessive, so only a skilled lawyer can win them for your case

Why Choose Our Firm

The Downtown LA Law Group is one of the most highly rated law firms in Los Angeles. We have been handling Uber accident claims for years, and our success stories speak for themselves. We have helped many individuals get their accounts reactivated after Uber accidents and we have secured large settlements for injured victims. We know the best methods to negotiate with Uber and ensure that you can continue driving even though you were involved in a traffic accident.

To discuss your claim, contact our law firm today. All consultations are totally free and confidential, and none of your private information will be shared elsewhere. We will make sure that you understand the process. If you hire us to file a lawsuit, we’ll also give you our zero fee guarantee. This means that you will pay no out of pocket expenses; we won’t get paid unless and until we win, and our payment will come from the settlement from Uber.

To ensure that your account is reactivated after an Uber accident, get in touch with the Downtown LA Law Group today.

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