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UBER Deactivated my Account After an Accident

Uber is a rideshare service that provides customers with rides from people who use their own vehicles and set their own schedules. There is no specific time frame that the drivers must adhere to during their shifts, and they can accept riders whenever they feel like it. The hands-off attitude that Uber has had for some time has allowed a lot of freedom for the drivers to operate. However, as time has gone on, Uber has gotten stricter with it drivers. Now, Uber is much more up-front about canceling drivers and not letting the return to the app. As it has grown to such a large company, it is no surprise that there are also additional issues with hiring processes at Uber. Our team of attorneys can help you if your account was deactivated after an accident and you want to return to driving for Uber.

Uber Accident Information

UBER deactivated my account after an accident Uber accidents are not uncommon in this day and sage because of the sheer amount of people on the road who are taking rideshare services to get around. Drivers must always be aware of the safety of their guests and must not do anything that can potentially place these individuals in danger. If you are driving for Uber, a number of factors can contribute to accidents. Some examples include:

  • Speeding
  • Running red lights
  • Running stop signs
  • Failing to yield
  • Failing to merge properly
  • Tailgating
  • Driving while inebriated
  • Using phone while driving
  • Driving while tired
  • Vehicle defects
  • Road defects
  • Inclement weather

You should always be extremely careful when driving. Getting into accidents can cause bodily injuries to you and those around you, and if you wreck or damage your vehicle, you will no ability to get around or drive for Uber anymore. No matter the cause, you could be involved in a head-on collision, a sideswipe, a rear-end crash, a broadside or T-bone crash, and more. Accidents do not only damage your vehicle and potentially your body, but they also affect your insurance and your Uber driver status.

Uber Insurance Details

Uber provides all drivers with insurance coverage. You must have your own auto insurance to sign up for Uber, but Uber’s takes precedence because it is commercial coverage, which protects you in the line of work. Personal policies do not cover commercial driving. For Uber, you can only be covered if you are using the app. If the app is off, your own insurance covers you. However, if the app is on and you have no passengers, you are covered for $50,000 in liability and $25,000 in property damage. Once you accept a ride and go on the road to pick up passengers, you are covered for $1,000,000 in liability. This extends to passengers in the vehicle. Further, if another driver hits you and has no insurance coverage or insufficient insurance, Uber’s underinsured/uninsured coverage will provide you with $1,000,000 of protection. The reason this is important is because of fault and the effect it has on your status as a driver. Accidents will naturally drive the cost of insurance up, but they will also risk your job.

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Truck Accident

Uber Driver Account Deactivation

If you are in 3 accidents in a 3 year period, Uber will deactivate your account. To them, it will seem like you are a dangerous or at-risk driver, even if the accidents were not your fault. Therefore, if your account was deactivated after an accident, you should consider how many accidents you had. If the answer is 2, you were on your third strike. Other causes of Uber account deactivation include:

  • Poor driver rating when you drop below 4.6 stars
  • Your driving documents expire, such as your license, registration, and insurance
  • Your background check refresh came back with proof of accidents or felonies
  • You repeatedly cancelled rides or abused the cancellation system
  • Code of conduct violation or terms of service breach
  • Fraud or illegal activity
  • Passenger assault
  • Failure to report an accident to Uber

You may wake up to find that your Uber account was deactivated. It could relay messages like, “The partner account you drive under has been disabled” or “Your account has been placed on hold.” Bear in mind that deactivation for any of the above reasons could very well be a mistake or misreport. For example, passenger assault or violations of the terms of service can be reported by disgruntled passengers who were late somewhere because of unforeseen circumstances, such as an accident ahead or because of a sudden lockdown on the street. You may have to plead your case to Uber to be reactivated, especially if there is no proof against you. However, if you were in an accident, Uber could simply decide that you were not worth the risk to the company and to other individuals or customers, and deactivate your account.

What to Do after an Uber Accident

Your primary goal after an Uber accident is likely to return to driving as soon as possible. There are other options you can take in the meantime, such as driving for Lyft or another rideshare service, but you should also consider pursuing legal action to get covered for the accident that caused the deactivation. You may be owed a fair amount of compensation from Uber if they could be held responsible.

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  • Go to the hospital for medical treatment
  • Hold on to any receipts and proof of medical notes and procedures
  • Take photographs of the injuries you suffered in the accident
  • Acquire security videos or dash cam footage if possible
  • Photograph the scene of the accident and the damage to your vehicle and other cars
  • Screenshot the Uber app to show you were on a shift
  • Speak to any bystanders or eyewitnesses who may have seen the incident so you can get their statements and testimonies
  • Request a police report from the law officers who went to the scene to investigate
  • Write down any necessary contact information and insurance details from involved parties and drivers
  • Contact an expert Uber accident attorney in Los Angeles to help with your lawsuit

You may not know that you can take additional actions after your account was deactivated after an accident. Our team of attorneys can help you file a lawsuit against the necessary party and handle the claim from start to finish. Your case may be worth a fair amount of restitution. It is wise to hire a lawyer if you were injured, especially if you do not have legal experience yourself. We can take care of the case for you while you focus on recovering and returning to your daily life.

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Compensation from an Uber Accident

The value of your Uber accident lawsuit will vary based on the type of injuries you receive and who was at fault. The insurance agent responsible for handling our case will measure the impact of your damages and make an offer. If we believe the offer is not worthwhile, we will negotiate with him until we reach the appropriate maximum settlement number. Our lawyers will stop at nothing to ensure that you are given total coverage for your damages, including:

  • Medical expenses from the past and future for surgery, hospitalization, physical rehabilitation, medication, and more
  • Missed wages from the past and future
  • Property damage to your broken vehicle or lost items
  • Pain and suffering damages for your emotional anxiety, PTSD, fear, emotional anguish, psychological trauma, and more

You should be given the fairest settlement available for your claim. We will do all we can to win your lawsuit for you and help your Uber driver account get reactivated.

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Statute of Limitations to File a Lawsuit for an Uber Accident

If you were involved in an accident while driving for Uber, you have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a claim. In California, all personal injury lawsuits are given this same statute of limitations. This is to ensure that claims are filed on time and are not left alone too long while evidence is lost or corrupted. There are a few exceptions to the statute of limitations, but only one or two may apply to you. You would not be a minor driving for Uber, so minor exceptions would not apply. However, you may have been left physically or mentally incapacitated afterward, which would let you wait to file a claim and avoid the statute until you return to health. Further, the defendant must be present; if he has left the state, the statute would be suspended until he returns. You may not know how much time is left on a claim after an Uber accident. This is a common occurrence. You can call us to learn more and figure out how to file your lawsuit and get your account back so you can return to driving and earning.

Choosing the DTLA Law Group

The Downtown LA Law Group is the quintessential Uber accident law firm. We have lawyers with years of experience handling such claims and we know the best tactics and strategies to win your case. We will also do all we can to ensure that your Uber account is back up and running so you can go back to making the money you need. Our aggressive lawyers will work around the clock to win your case and if we need to go to court to do so, we will. Call us today for a free legal consultation. If you have any questions, we will answer them. We will also tell you how much we think your case is valued at. We will also give you our zero fee guarantee, which says that we won’t get paid unless and until we win. If we lose, we get paid nothing. If your Uber driver account was deactivated an accident, call the Downtown LA Law Group today for assistance getting it back or filing a lawsuit against Uber.

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