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Pot Hole Attorneys | Road Defect Lawyer in Los Angeles

Potholes are familiar territory to all California drivers, often times causing serious damage to vehicles and drivers. Many drivers who suffer damages fail to take advantage of compensation funds designed to help victims of damage caused by potholes to recover. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident caused by a pothole then contact the pothole attorney’s attorney to schedule a free case evaluation regarding the filing of a lawsuit for recovery of damages sustained in a pothole accident.   Call today at 855-385-2529.

Vehicle Damage Caused by Potholes

Pot Hole Attorneys | Road Defect Lawyer in Los AngelesPotholes can cause an array of different damages to the vehicle which can add up and such repairs are often not covered by insurance. Additionally, many times drivers fail to report the incident to their insurance agency for fear of increased rates. Typical damages to the vehicle include:
  • Tire blow outs;
  • Under carriage damage;
  • Fender damage;
  • Cracked rim;
  • Total loss of vehicle;
  • Airbag deployment;
When vehicle damage is under $5,000 you may be entitled to recovery without having to go through your insurance carrier or provider. It is important to call our offices immediately when the injury or event occurs in order to fill out the necessary paperwork required to facilitate your claim. Our pothole damage attorneys at 855-385-2529 can help you with you expedited recovery for your loss. Our offices are dedicated to helping injured parties recover for their loss, so call today for a free case evaluation. Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries Cased By Dangerous Potholes: One of the most dangerous hazards caused by potholes on surface streets and roadways are motorcycle accidents. According to recently published data potholes and other dangerous roadway conditions account for hundreds of motorbike crashes and accident fatalities in the United States each year. Potholes are particularly hazardous during rain storms.One of the most important saftey measure motorcycle riders can take to  reduce serious injuries is the wearing of helmets and other protective head gear.

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Manhole Accident Attorney

Injuries sustained in a pothole incident: Physical Damage Caused by Potholes

Injuries sustained in a pothole incident: Physical Damage Caused by PotholesPotholes in California are not limited to causing damage to only your vehicle and can inflict serious harm and damage to the driver or passenger of the vehicle as well. If you have suffered physical injury as a result of an accident caused by a pothole then you may be entitled to recovery for your damages. While not all damages are subject to recovery our offices can help assess your claim. Typical harm suffered as a result of a pothole related accident includes: If you have suffered any of the above injuries from a pothole related accident then contact our offices today for a free case evaluation, the pothole injury and accident attorneys in Los Angeles can help.

Who Is Responsible – Liable for a Pot hole injury and other road defects ?

Roads are meant to be in proper condition suitable for driving and free from defects, sink holes or potholes. Additionally, drivers should be warned in the event that such dangers exist in order to minimize their exposure. Multiple parties can be at fault for pot hole related accidents and an attorney with the requisite knowledge is needed to help facilitate your claim. If you claim is under $5,000 or over $5,000 and your vehicle or persons has suffered injury or harm, then you may be entitled to recovery. Most often the various entities charged with the maintenance and upkeep of our roads have designated funds to help with recovery and our attorneys are able to help you recover for your damages. Contact us today for a free case evaluation in order to determine whether you can recover for damages sustained as a result of a pothole or road defect, our attorneys are standing by. — Pothole and Defective Roadway Lawyers

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Remember that it is crucial to act quickly after you’ve been injured in a roadway defect incident before any limitations can lower or extinguish your rightful claim. Call us for a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers concerning your pot hole accident claim.
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