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Pot Hole Accident FAQ | Pothole and Defective Roadway Lawyers

What are pot-holes?

Potholes are known as small to large displacements in the gravel on highways, sidewalks or other manufactured land. Generally, potholes develop as a result of long term exposure to rain, traffic and other wear and tear. When a pothole develops it is often difficult to maneuver or know of its existence. When a vehicle fails to notice serious damage to a car because of potholes . Potholes are numerous in Los Angeles and California and can cause extensive damage. Potholes are also known as kettles, chuckholes or sinkholes and cause disruption to the surface to the road ways, they occur when there is a buildup of water or debris that causes the pavement to break. Once this happens the pot hole can grow in both size and depth and without proper care it can cause damage to the vehicle.

Who is responsible to pay for damages in a Pothole Accident

Liability for pothole accident can be difficult to ascertain, this question is often the most difficult to answer and depends on a number of factors. City and municipalities are generally required by law to fix and maintain proper roads and highways, free of defects or damages. However, liability will result when the city, municipality or entity had knowledge of the defect or should have had knowledge, but failed to act so as to remedy the problem. The challenging part is to show that there was “knowledge” or that the city should have had knowledge of the incident. Our pot-hole attorneys in California and Los Angeles can help you with your claim and recovery. Call us today for an absolutely free case evaluation.

How long do I have to file lawsuit to recover damages in a Pothole accident

Generally you have 1 year from the time of the incident to file a claim for the damages. However, if for any reason you have not filed a claim within that time period, then it is possible to obtain an extension. If your claim is within the 1 year deadline then contact our offices for a free case evaluation. If it has been over 1 year since the time of filing, then we may still be able to assist you depending on the facts. It is highly recommended that you contact our offices today for a free case evaluation. It cost nothing to speak with our pot-hole attorneys and we are here to help.

How much can I recover in a Pot hole or defective roadway accident

Recovery is dependent on a number of factors, including the pre-existing damage if any and the cause of the damage. If for instance the cause was due to a pre-existing issue with the vehicle i.e. a low tread tire, then it is likely that recovery would be limited. Another example would be if the car sustains tire damage and had prior alignment issues, the recovery would be limited to the tire damage only and not pre-existing issues.

Pothole Lawyers in Los Angles will aggressively peruse all liable parties

Our Los Angeles pothole and Southern California pot hole lawyers can help with your claim and recovery, we can assist in getting in the proper forms and dealing with the proper agencies to help expedite your claim. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with our Los Angeles injury lawyer and let us help with your recovery. For more information visit out Pothole Accident Main page here…..
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